NYC singer/songwriter Victor Perry @wallflowerperry is back with romantic new upbeat solo single “One More Minute”

VICTOR PERRY, “One More Minute”

Following up his first solo release in two years “Punching Bag” (just wrapping up a run on my personal chart, where it peaked at #5), Victor Perry returns with one of his best and most romantic songs, the upbeat “One More Minute”. The story behind the song is pretty straight-forward – about making the most of an opportunity or perhaps a key moment in a relationship where you want that moment to go on and on. Victor conjures up some delightful imagery set to an engaging vocal, which recalls some bright soul/pop singles of the 70’s. Your ears will be glued to every word in “One More Minute”, where lyrical substance wins when it’s sung against intuitive production that makes the most of every part of the song. It won’t take long before you’re wrapped up in “One More Minute” with the song on repeat.