To be instantly transported to a good time, spin “Celebrate” by Dutch producer @theLaurentius and Luxembourg singer/songwriter Oke

LAURENTIUS and OKE, “Celebrate”

Not too many songs can evoke simple sheer unadulterated joy. “Celebrate” happens to be one of them, brought to you by Dutch producer Laurentius, whose music has been featured in this blog before, and Luxembourg singer/songwriter Oke. The song however has festive, African-influenced rhythms to support its theme of striving for success set against imagery of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Oke’s tireless, happily persistent vocal will instantly win you over in this song which reminds me of early 80’s songs by Juluka (or, later, Savuka).  Laurentius’ uplifting production nails the vibe of “Celebrate”, so make sure you save this one for not only when you want to recognize some kind of achievement, but when you just want to kick off having a good time.  Laurentius and Oke have a full EP coming soon called Jaiye, so watch for that one!