NYC-based electronic producer Greg Oakland shines with complex new instrumental “Convalescence”

GREG OAKLAND, “Convalescence”

Following up his recent trance instrumental “Sanguine Energy”, NYC-based producer Greg Oakland returns with the complex “Convalescence”. This is a dreamy track layered with mixed emotions, one which fans of the trance genre would Shazam if they were in a club or at a festival. It’s best to check out the extended version above for full effect (edit is below), which allows the track to build and for the hook to kick in solidly, allowing the rest of the song to flow by quickly. I’m no expert at this genre so I don’t have many reference points as fans do. But for “Convalescence” to be picked up by no less than trance veterans Aly & Fila for release on the recent Future Sound Vol. 8 EP for their label Future Sounds of Egypt is pretty wild. Right now you can pick it up on Beatport for download.