After a 3 year absence, @SimonCurtis returns with tender anthem “FAIRYBOY”

Simon Curtis, “FAIRYBOY”

He’s back after a three year absence! L.A.-based singer/songwriter Simon Curtis has given his Robot Army the tender anthem they need with “FAIRYBOY”. It’s the third single (following “Ketamine” and “I’m Not Sorry”) from his forthcoming album, which will be his first in 11 years. “FAIRYBOY” takes its jumping off point perhaps from Simon’s earlier “Laser Guns Up”, except that with this song Simon directs his attention to a younger LGBTQ2S+ audience to reassure them that being different is completely okay. It also takes a cue from earlier releases as a touching song in a long quest for love, but this time with a more hopeful slant. Like his earlier songs, “FAIRYBOY” is bold in is intentions, to the point where its title is spelled out every time, the aural equivalent of being in neon (or maybe rainbow) lights. This is the kind of song Simon’s fans have been waiting for, and I think many new ones will love it too, and perhaps discover his previous album R∆ or even the underappreciated classic 8bit Heart (still available for free download at in the process.