Australia-based Singapore singer/songwriter @StHumain delivers compelling “Memento”

ST. HUMAIN, “Memento”

“Memento” is a tightly-woven package of thoughts and rhythms as delivered by Sydney-based Singapore-born singer/songwriter St. Humain. It follows up his infectious single from earlier this year which I wrote about, “Sick Sad Love Song”. In this release, St. Humain encourages you to hang on to good memories as souvenirs of past relationships. While memories do fade, we often miss past lovers at times, and “Memento” helps us keep close to our hearts what we cherish the most.  It’s got bold, Latin-influenced rhythms and continues to showcase St. Humain as an engaging, chameleon-like persona helping to positively represent the Asian community in pop music. “Memento” will entice you with its intrigue and openness all set to an intricate, well-crafted production.