London-based Azerbaijani singer/songwriter @EminEMINZADA releases powerful new single “Sociopath”

EMINZADA, “Sociopath”

During the past while, I’ve been impressed by my introduction to EMINZADA with the thought-provoking “Bloodline”, and I’m glad he has quickly followed it up with an even more striking release, “Sociopath”. The London-based Azerbaijani multi-talented artist, who is an active part of the disabled LGBTQ2S+ community, continues to inform us about provocative themes which are set to music and rhythms heavily inspired from his home country, touches that are almost completely foreign to audiences on the other side of the world. The song is about recognizing and conquering toxicity with others, and leading the life you want to lead. This time, the synths and bass are all amped up and EMINZADA creates another memorable and totally different experience that will resonate with anyone looking for something that’s unique to play on repeat.