Washington DC area pop/R&B artist @Steven_Thad charms with low-fi earnestness of “Do You Remember” and “RNB”

STEVEN THAD, “Do You Remember” and “RNB” 

I’ve been writing about Washington DC area singer/songwriter Steven Thad all year because he is an as-of-yet unheralded talent to watch in a low-fi kind of way. He continues to kick it up a notch with his charm on every release, with “Do You Remember” (above) the latest. While many of his songs make you smile or offer a unique slice-of-life perspective, “Do You Remember” gently but directly confronts a past lover with a reminder of the good times they had together, and that they will always be part of their memories together. As much as we want to erase the bad times, it is important to remember the good ones, and Steven wastes no time getting to the point with his easy-going and thoughtful vocal style and demeanor. “RNB” (below) is a much lighter-themed release, a straight-forward loving ode to that genre of music and how it makes us all feel good. Both songs appear on Steven’s new EP “Mr. R&B”, due for release on September 16.