In “All My Friends”, British alt.rock singer/songwriter @DrewThomasmusic ponders life changes and what you should do about them

DREW THOMAS, “All My Friends”

Drew Thomas is a promising talent from Nottingham whose affable personality shines through the songs through which he lives his life. “All My Friends” has an anthemic Killers-Sam Fender bent about it that fronts the reality that in certain times of our lives things change among friends, and sometimes we’re the spectator waiting for it to happen to us, or perhaps even resisting or even resenting those changes. “All My Friends” embraces that time full on with guitars ablaze and rocks out accordingly, splendidly sung by Drew. With songs like this that would sound great played live in concert (and the video above captures a favourable taste), I wouldn’t expect Drew Thomas to be a DIY talent too much longer.