L.A.-based electronic producer @Shoffymusic releases new album “…Onward” led by opening track “fade”

SHOFFY, “fade”

Following up the singles “Nightmares in NYC” and “Love Ya”, L.A.-based electronic producer Shoffy releases his latest full album …Onward, on which “fade” is the opening track. Shoffy’s style is likeably low key and even mysterious at times, though we already heard with “Love Ya” that he can break loose with an infectious dance track. “fade” is seeping with intrigue as we wonder, though one repeated verse, why the singer feels like he’s going to fade away, and Shoffy leaves you with a few sullen images to digest set to a light house rhythm track. It’s an engrossing start to an album of many moods (including one track “Olivia” featuring rapper sIDizen King) filled with consistently slick production.