London-based singer/songwriter @iamAlicePisano returns with feel good single “Ink”


“Ink” shows another side of Italy-born, London-based singer/songwriter Alice Pisano, has she follows-up the well-received “Boys Like You”. “Ink” is a feel-good mood-changer, a contagious song that will appeal to the introvert in all of us, and one that you can play when you need a quick pick-me-up distraction. Alice uses the word “ink” in a different way than its usual meaning, which also makes the song immediately memorable. Fans of Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez will find that “Ink” is in their zone, though I also get 80’s pop vibes from “Ink” that recall songs of Belinda Carlisle or The Bangles. Alice’s invested vocal and a carefree, effortless-sounding melody will draw you back again and again to “Ink”.