L.A. duo @CapitalCities releases first new music in four years with “Together” in collaboration with dance producer @BobbyNourmand


I know many people who absolutely adore Capital Cities’ massive hit “Safe and Sound”, and it’s hard to believe that the trumpet-driven smash is now 11 years old. The Grammy-nominated duo held court on the pop scene for two years thanks to that song, performing concerts and showing up on many TV specials as well. In the interim Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian have released two albums, but “Together” is their first release in four years. Taking a cue from the buoyant, danceable “Safe and Sound”, the guys joined forces with fellow L.A. denizen and dance producer Bobby Nourmand, a long-time favourite who has been written about much in these blog pages. The result is the pop confection that is “Together”, an uplifting feel good anthem perfectly suited for post-pandemic times. Though it doesn’t bear a hook as catchy as in their huge hit, Capital Cities have concocted with Bobby Nourmand a much-needed song about unity and being forthright. The melody is 80’s flavoured, the production glimmers with bright synths and a sophisticated arrangement. “Together” is a warm welcome back for Capital Cities and a move into a more pop direction for Bobby Nourmand that works surprisingly well.