Meet NYC-based India-born singer/songwriter @SidSethsings whose voice soars in “Simple Yet True”

SID SETH, “Simple Yet True”

With his own personal tastes including the likes of Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald, you could almost expect that a songwriter like India-born Sid Seth would aim for major heights with his vocals. And they indeed are the highlight of “Simple But True”, which is a great introduction knowing that the song was borne out of the loneliness of being in NYC after five years all by himself in the pandemic. Being resourceful, he sought escape in painting, which brought about images of his childhood, and re-launched his songwriting. “Simple Yet True” is well-crafted with a beautiful melody to support Sid’s gorgeous tones. A recent grad of the Manhattan School of Music, Sid Seth is a new talent well-worth watching with songs like “Simple Yet True”.