Progressive electronic producer @NGHTMRE takes you on a sci-fi journey with new video for “Fear + Love” from his recent album “DRMVRSE”

NGHTMRE, “Fear + Love” (video)

Video is the perfect platform for much of the music of Connecticut-born Tyler Marenyi, otherwise known as NGHTMRE. And not long after the release of his powerful and wonderfully melodic album DRMVRSE, he brings us a fanciful sci-fi video by combining two tracks from the album as “Fear + Love”. It’s a captivating visual incorporating live action and digital animation in what might be a story into whose middle we have been thrust. The futuristic setting is unique, and there is both potential romance and peril in store for the lead characters. Ultimately what this video needs is a bit more context and perhaps that is forthcoming if there will be more videos to explain more of the story. It’s definitely ambitious and fascinating to watch. Fans of video games will whole-heartedly approve. I had the pleasure of seeing NGHTMRE perform a show this summer in Las Vegas, which contained a riveting half-hour that left me out of breath. DRMVRSE includes the recent single “Fall Into Me”, with frequent collaborators SLANDER and Dylan Matthew, and if you enjoyed Illenium’s Ascend as much as I did, then DRMVRSE is waiting for you to hear.