“All By Myself” is a pop and dance radio hit in the making for @Alokoficial @Sigalamusic and @EllieGoulding


“All By Myself” is one of those songs that is loaded with elements that should ensure both pop and dance radio airplay, without being too overly familiar or overly reliant on the sample that it uses. The immense talent speaks for itself. Brazilian producer Alok has been popular for years on the club and festival circuit, and just recently scored a dance radio #1 with “Deep Down” with Ella Eyre along with a record deal with Sony. Sigala has also been a significant force through numerous hits in the UK since 2015. Bringing these guys together with Ellie Goulding is an ideal match. Ellie’s recent release with Big Sean, “Easy Lover”, was nothing short of promising but somehow got lost in the pop music shuffle after what looked like a good start out of the gate. “All By Myself” has the dominant hook, aggressive production, and a memorable sample in “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode, which should keep dance music fans happy in clubs and at festivals. But the song really does belong in the forefront on pop and dance music radio, and could give Ellie her biggest hit in some years.