Classic song structure and a compelling chorus drive “Step By Step” by Dutch quintet @thewordisEUT

EUT, “Step By Step”

“Step By Step” confronts the feelings of loneliness when you’re in a relationship and the other person is no longer making an effort and has just got too comfortable. It’s brought to you by Dutch quintet EUT, led by Megan de Klerk, which spins bright synth and guitar melodies and rhythms against down-to-earth lyrics. Although the vocals and harmonies offer a lush sound, the production on them to me could have been scaled back in a less layered effect for such a direct song. But that’s my only quibble – the song has a classic structure which will transport listeners to great moments of 1970’s and 1980’s pop, and the overall result with “Step By Step” is an assured and amiable alt.pop sound. “Step By Step” will be a part of EUT’s upcoming album called Be My Reactor.