Meet Nashville-based Canadian singer/songwriter @JaclynKenyon who straddles pop and country with “Heart Says No”

JACLYN KENYON, “Heart Says No”

25 year old Burlington, Ontario born Jaclyn Kenyon has been performing and writing songs since she was a pre-teen when she received considerable notice in a prominent Toronto talent showcase. After that, she went to the U.S. where she worked and networked with numerous professionals who have too many credits among them to list here. Now based out of Nashville, after playing many local gigs and appearing on CMT, Jaclyn is finding herself straddling pop and country with “Heart Says No”. And that’s not a bad thing at all, witness the recent success of collaborations as diverse Elle King and Miranda Lambert, and Zedd and Maren Morris, and other efforts from singers like Gabby Barrett, Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson over the years to fuse pop and country together, like it once was in the long ago era of the 60’s and before. “Heart Says No” is certainly more pop than country with strong lyrics and a confident vocal that sink in after multiple listens and will stand out a crowded playing field. I’m no country music expert, but crossover country is cool when it succeeds and Jaclyn Kenyon is making that happen.