Nashville-based pop singer @DavisMallory feels the pain in a long distance romance in the super-catchy “James Bond”


Nashville-based Davis Mallory is no newcomer to the pop music world, having released two albums to date and a slew of singles, many in the pop/dance genre, that have acquired attention in various countries around the world. His new one, “James Bond”, is a super-catchy pop/dance track with an irresistible hook that you would normally find in a reggae or reggaeton track. It’s a story about a long distance relationship when the protagonist can’t be the “hero” to the one closest to him when they’re gone. Davis’ expressive vocal plays nicely against the island rhythm as the story unfolds. “James Bond” only takes a maximum of two listens before you’re completely drawn in. And Davis not only has the song in common with “James Bond” – of course the real name of “M” in the Daniel Craig films is Gareth Mallory!