UK singer/songwriter @WaitingforSmith takes us to his church of love with “Skylight Dawn”

WAITING FOR SMITH, “Skylight Dawn”

I’m pleased to bring you another strong effort by Harry Lloyd, aka Amsterdam-based, UK-bred singer/songwriter Waiting For Smith. Although past efforts have highlighted his masterful guitar work, “Skylight Dawn” zeros in on his vocal and songwriting skills. “Skylight Dawn” touches on those moments of quiet epiphany when you notice all of the special things about your lover, and how great it is to be with them. And in the good company of singers like James Bay, Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran, Waiting for Smith’s vocal builds and builds and then busts loose in a splendid, memorable climactic moment. “Skylight Dawn” initially requires some close listening but after Harry’s voice soars you’re going to want to quickly press rewind and listen again to how it got there. It’s an unanticipated and delightful treat.