#BILLCSTop30 #651, October 24/22

I have decided to call my new blog format the “BILLCS New Music Report” and it begins on Wednesday. This will be a weekly, more newsletter-styled format in which I will be able to cover more music than I can using the song-by-song format I’ve used for the last several years. I’ll also be able to build each blog post gradually during the week instead of deciding that day whether I will write about something or not. This will be a work-in-progress and your suggestions will be welcome to help make it more readable each week!  It will also tie-in my work in ONLINE RADIO SHOWS more, since they are now a big part of my life.

I’ll be frequently reiterating that if independent artists, producers and managers who want exposure in my blog – over 13 years in existence with a tie-in to online radio – they need to communicate with me.  I will however also continue to promote and write about songs/artists I discover on my own. My personal chart, the BILLCS Top 30, has been online since 1998,  and I’ll continue to write it up and count it down every second Monday. The “10/10” feature, where I write about 10 songs all in one post, may find its way into the BILLCS New Music Report.

The best places to communicate with me continue to be Twitter @billcs or Instagram @thebillcs or Facebook @BILLCSMusicProjects. Follow this blog using the “Follow” button at the bottom of the home page.

With such a strong playing field for this chart, Francesco Yates’ “Jimi” shows that it has long legs into its 8th appearance on the chart (16 weeks) and remains on top for a 2nd appearance!

It’s been very rare for a Billboard #1 to hit #1 on my chart in recent years, but Steve Lacy’s unique and memorable “Bad Habit” rises 4-2 and positions itself to perhaps do that in two weeks. Did you know Steve was part of Calvin Harris’ Love Regenerator project on “Live Without Your Love”?

It’s short and sweet but also keep your eye on “The Boss” (above) by Coopex, Charles B and Robbie Rosen (6-5) in two weeks too. It’s been stuck behind a lot of great songs these past few weeks, and is Robbie’s 2nd concurrent Top 10 along with “Stained Glass” at #7.  Robbie also has a fine new dance release with none other than DubVision called “Stitch You Up” which you can check out below!

Luca + Giam and Sam Merkin waste no time following #3 “Hold Me Down” into the Top 10 as “Full Force” takes advantage of a quieter part of the chart to leap 12-6.

That also allows “Celebrate” (above) by Laurentius and Oke to make another big move and slide into the Top 10, up 15-9!  In preparation for their EP Jaiye, another track called “Run” has been released which you can hear below.

“But Not Tonight” moves up 13-10 for Paul Van Dyk and Christian Burns, giving each their second Top 10’s on this chart.  Paul got to #4 in 2008 with “Let Go” and Christian was the voice for Tiësto’s #3 “In The Dark” from 2007.  And along with “Turn On The Lights Again”, “But Not Tonight” also becomes the second cover in the Top 10 (the original is by Depeche Mode from 1986), the other being “Turn On The Lights Again” by Fred Again.. and Swedish House Mafia (#4) (which makes a new song out of a verse from Future’s 2012 track). LF System’s “Afraid To Feel” at #3 isn’t an outright cover but prominently samples Silk’s “I Can’t Stop (Turning You On)”.

Lily Lane’s exceptional “Bad” (22-17) from her EP Queen of Hearts is definitely one to watch in the coming weeks.

The Fastest Riser is Greyson Chance’s cathartic “My Dying Spirit” (26-18) from his album Palladium. It’s hard not to be moved or enthralled by this one as you listen to it more and more.

A lot of summer favourites exited the chart, so that made room for five debuts.

In a total surprise, Charlie Puth gets his first chart appearance in the five years since his #1 “Attention” with “Charlie Be Quiet” (#24) from his new album Charlie. It’s another quick (only 2:08) track, but it’s jam-packed with the racing thoughts in your head when you have a crush on someone and want to make your move. While I’m not crazy about the layers of production he (over) adds to his voice, it’s hard not to love this one!

Positivity and unity are the driving forces behind “Together” by Capital Cities and Bobby Nourmand which bows at #26. I got burned out on “Safe and Sound” years ago so it never charted, so I get to welcome Capital Cities to the chart with this independent release. Producer Bobby Nourmand however has been a frequent visitor, with two #1’s “D E E P in NY” and the double-A sided “Subterranean/Estranged”, but “Together” is his first appearance in four years.

With every listen I adore “Yours” by Conan Gray even more. So this album track from Superache arrives at #27. I’ve been seeing the online raves about Conan’s recent concert performances, as well as the kind outreach he gives to fans, so hopefully he’ll play my city again next year. “Yours” follows his #4 “Memories”.

Toronto pop/rock duo Crash Adams returns to the chart at #28 with another track keep you smiling, “Give Me A Kiss”. It’s their third visit to the chart and follows 2021’s #11 “Symphony”. Be sure to watch the video for the song above, it’s loads of fun and set in southern California!

The fifth debut is “Loop” by Martin Garrix, DallasK and Sasha Alex Sloan at #29. It’s another sparkling collaboration that shows the ongoing evolution of Martin Garrix. He can make a banger explode any day but something more nuanced like “Loop” is always more than welcome. It’s his 11th chart entry and follows the #5 “Won’t Let You Go” from earlier this year.


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