#BILLCSNewMusicReport – March 29/23 spotlighting @imDanielRichter @DJMirkoB @Frankmusik @EminEMINZADA @OwlCity

In this edition of the report, I have reviews of eight independently released new songs that you should get to know, it’s a pretty unique bunch. And in a bit of a change of pace, online radio announcer Hunter J. Wilbur is a huge Owl City fan, and has his say about the artist’s first album in five years called Coco Moon, in place of his regular Bop of the Week.

Among the other features, you can check out my pick of the week, along with one from the host of “Top 40 Timeline”, “Big Daddy” Russ Horton.  “The Musicman” James Rogers has his Classic Five pop hits feature, citing five big Canadian hits that you should hear. And that’s all that could fit this week!

The BILLCS New Music Report is a work-in-progress and I welcome your suggestions so feel free to contact me @billcs on Twitter @thebillcs on Instagram or @BILLCSMusicProjects on Facebook.

REMINDER: Click the photo above the artist’s name and song title to hear the song or watch the video.


Daniel Richter, "Forget You"


Nope, it’s not a Cee-Lo Green cover, folks. “Forget You” is an original comeback single of sorts for Daniel Richter, previously the voice of Canadian pop/rock group Eleven Past One. In the last decade, the quartet had a smash Canadian radio hit with “The World Is Ours”, and toured extensively over the subsequent years, which also resulted in steady radio play for songs like “I’m Ready” and “Tonight’s The Night”, as well as an EP, also called The World Is Ours. Daniel’s been recording and performing under the name VALDII these past few years which has honed his sound as a solo artist, and “Forget You” will make you instantly remember that powerful voice from his Eleven Past One days. It’s a potent, heartwrenching song to which we can all relate when we can’t come to terms with loss of some kind. The chorus is magnetic, and the production, with Highcard’s Ben Zamora (who also co-wrote the song) is tight. “Forget You” is a welcome return for Daniel, rightly under his own name, and certainly could attract Top 40 attention.

DJ Mirko B, "Sun Freezes Cold"

DJ MIRKO B, “Sun Freezes Cold”

Italy’s DJ Mirko B returns with a song a little more out of the ordinary than recent past releases. “Sun Freezes Cold” is an edgy but taut rock-flavoured deep house track that stands out for all the right reasons. The song has intriguing lyrics, a versatile uncredited male vocal, and a driving, hard-hitting rhythm in a creative, multi-layered production. Major props to Mirko for making “Sun Freezes Cold” a risky and memorable release, which continues to show how diverse he can be with his productions. Some remixes could help show the different sides of this song too.

Frankmusik, "Remains"


With “Remains”, Frankmusik takes us back to a song he created in 2007, before I had even listened to his music. It’s a playful song about trying to make change while still wanting things to remain the same, and living in the moment. The wilder part of the mix of “Remains” , loaded with cool synth effects, reminds me of some of my favourite, frenetic Frankmusik songs such as “Captain”, while he always brings down the mix to clearly make his points understood. “Remains” is a thoughtful, fun bop with a new sheen of production that serves it well.

EMINZADA, "Aries Soulmate"

EMINZADA, “Aries Soulmate”

Following some highly imaginative and thought-provoking tracks, particularly “Bloodline” and the compelling “Sociopath”, Azerbaijan-born, UK-based singer/songwriter EMINZADA has released a six song EP called Don’t Tell My Mother. It’s about being in control of your own artistic destiny, stepping further away from your comfort zone. In the songs within, EMINZADA has pressed together layers and layers of instrumentation and cultural influences to create a unique and highly complex package. “Aries Soulmate” focuses on his love of astrology and how two Aries individuals can make a relationship work providing they find balance and respect. A dreamy, sometimes carefree-sounding arrangement is countered with a deep subject matter. There’s a lot in the music of EMINZADA for you to enjoy, and your utmost attention is required.

EMINZADA plays The Tabernacle in Notting Hill, London, England accompanied by the Berlin Metropolitan Orchestra, on Saturday April 8.


Bright Light Bright Light, "Sweet Release"


Rod Thomas, aka New York City-based Welsh artist BLx2, is back with his first release of the year, an optimistic and bubbly slice of synth pop called “Sweet Release”. It’s about being empowered by someone when you get the chance to do something that you want, which then perhaps turns out even better than what you thought.  It’s the kind of Erasure/Scissor Sisters-inspired track that Rod does so well. It moves along briskly and is bound to become a new favourite in his live sets in this new era of music for him.

DLG., "Drown in You"

DLG., “Drown In You”

DLG. is L.A.-based, Austin-born singer and producer Dave De La Garza, who creates intricate sounds that as a whole generate all kinds of cool vibes in his new single “Drown In You”. It’s one of two songs he’s released in March (the other being “Close One!”), something he’s planning to do again during each of the next several months. “Drown in You” exudes a soulfulness amid hard drum sounds and a killer bass groove, and would likely sound great live. His vocal is pushed back a bit in the mix, almost used like an effect à la Porter Robinson. Songs by DLG. have already had placements in HBO and Netflix shows and films that have generated millions of streams. His eclectic style is a bit out of my wheelhouse but  listeners looking for something fresh to groove to will be completely down with it.

Rachel Bochner, "Sucker Punch"

RACHEL BOCHNER, “Sucker Punch”

“Sucker Punch” is an enjoyable pop empowerment anthem from NYC indie singer/songwriter Rachel Bochner that has a fantasy element to it. It’s a solid post-heartbreak song about undoing how a relationship actually ended and creating a new ending that might include a ‘sucker punch’ of some sort. It’s about getting even, albeit in your own head, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and the song isn’t sung or written maliciously. And that serves the empowerment purpose, looking back on the relationship and being able to tell others, through song, to do things differently and hold your own ground. So “Sucker Punch” might seem like a light listen, and that’s fine, but the perspective runs much deeper.

Linda Varg, "Fuck It Up"

LINDA VARG, “Fuck It Up”

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Sweden’s Linda Varg and her unique persona and outlook through her songwriting. She’s risen to new heights recently by working with Robbie Williams in a Tik Tok campaign, and has signed to a Sony-distributed label, with an album forthcoming. “Fuck It Up” is all about making change for yourself, not giving into other people’s designs for you, and creating your own best you, however individualized that may be. On this track, Linda gives a fine rock vocal that may remind the casual listener of Pink. “Fuck It Up” may sound intimidating on the surface, but it’s a grower that can easily be embraced more fully with additional spins.


My New Music Pick of the Week  is a 5-7 minute radio segment that airs more than 25 times/week on online radio stations around the world.

The Boy From The South, "Amazing-Man"

“Amazing-Man” by Barcelona’s The Boy From The South


“Big Daddy” Russ Horton is host of the “Top 40 Timeline” radio show and the owner of online stations Radio GTA, Halton Hills Radio Online, & FM108.ca.

Walk Off The Earth, "My Stupid Heart"

“My Stupid Heart” by Burlington, Ontario’s Walk Off The Earth


Hunter J. Wilbur is the host of the online radio shows “Modern Hype” and “Addictive Energy” which can be heard on several online stations including Classic Hits Canada.

Owl City, "Coco Moon"

Owl City’s new album Coco Moon

by Hunter J. Wilber

I have been an Owl City fan since his debut on the music scene with “Fireflies” in 2009, and the new album Coco Moon is the cultivation of all his musical styles from the past decade in a half.

Owl City, whose real name is Adam Young, produces all his own music using computer programs, unique instruments, and synthesizers. In Coco Moon, his production, synth work and lyric writing get ample time to shine. My favorite tracks are “Kelly Time”, which is based on the movie “Castaway”, from Wilson the volleyball’s point of view, “Adam, Check Please” which is an autobiographical song about Adam’s first job working in a grocery store, and “The Tornado”, a goose-bump inducing narrative where Adam recounts delivering newspapers as a kid during a twister.

If you like relatable lyrics, genius storytelling, and catchy sounds and rhythms, and if you have always wanted to dig into Owl City’s discography, Coco Moon is an album you will want to come back to as I definitely know I will. Listen to the full album at the Spotify link on the photo above.


“The Musicman” James Rogers is the owner and host of The 3D Variety Show heard Tuesdays on Planet Radio Canada. The Classic Five is “pop music 101” of the post-Beatles era – classics you need to know! Each title is linked to a Spotify stream of the song.

Parachute Club – Rise Up

Toronto – Your Daddy Don’t Know

Blue Rodeo – Try

Chilliwack – I Believe

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Takin’ Care Of Business