#BILLCSNewMusicReport – April 26/23 spotlighting songs by @Matoma & @JamesDroll @GreysonChance @Jesse_Clegg @DiamondCafe01 @GRAYTheBandd

I enjoy weeks like this, where there is an abundance of fine music that will carry me over to next week’s Report, however when it comes to whittling choices down for my next chart, that’s an entirely different story. Just call it new music blogger problems 😛 So there are five songs spotlighted in this Report instead of the usual four.


Among the other features in the Report, you can check out my pick of the week, along with one from the host of “Top 40 Timeline”, “Big Daddy” Russ Horton, plus Hunter Wilbur’s “Bop of the Week”.  “The Musicman” James Rogers has his Classic Five pop hits feature, which this week runs the gamut through the 1980’s.  In case you missed it, you’ll find out what’s #1 on the BILLCS Top 30 and the Fastest Riser on my chart too.

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Matoma featuring James Droll, "Won't Follow You Home"

MATOMA, JAMES DROLL, “Won’t Follow You Home”

“Won’t Follow You Home” is one of Matoma’s more unconventional and dramatic productions, and I’m absolutely loving it as a new favourite! After releasing several well-received but more pop-oriented tracks in 2021-22, Matoma has come full circle and returned to making the most amazing dance music of his career. It started with “The Power” earlier this year (reaching #3 on the BILLCS Top 30), which was recently followed up with “Deeper” (featuring H. Kenneth). “Home” finds Matoma working with another American vocalist, Nashville-based, Ohio-born James Droll, who has recorded not only solo but with folks like Justin Caruso, Trove, and even a pre-“ABCDEFU” Gayle. And James delivers one of the most unique, memorable vocals I’ve heard this year, acting as a guide to the subject of the song to provide sage advice on how to keep moving forward.

Greyson Chance, "Sex & Other Drugs"

GREYSON CHANCE, “Sex & Other Drugs”

“Sex & Other Drugs” is a new addition to Greyson Chance’s album Palladium in its recently released deluxe edition, which also features another new song “Herringbone”. I can only perceive how writing a song like “Sex & Other Drugs” must have been. It, like other songs in Palladium, are taken from a particularly rough patch in Greyson’s life from which he has moved on. It’s clearly about a relationship whose ultimate dependance boiled down to the need for sex and drugs, and from which it must have been tough to leave and put behind him. Like my favourites on Palladium which have graced the BILLCS Top 30 like “Black Mascara” and “My Dying Spirit” (which both reached #2), “Sex & Other Drugs” overflows with honesty and catharsis, making it both poignant and enthralling.

Jesse Clegg, "Called To Hear Your Voice"

JESSE CLEGG, “Called To Hear Your Voice”

South African pop singer Jesse Clegg has created a thoughtful and comforting song in “Called to Hear Your Voice” that could only have come about as a result of significant loss. Of course, Jesse is the son of the late and legendary Johnny Clegg, who I was fortunate to see perform three times in concert, but Jesse also lost his wife shortly after his father’s passing. So if you peel away the vibrant melody, “Called to Hear Your Voice” is a song about healing and making sure that you live in the moment with those close to you. But when you put it all together and take the song in broad strokes, “Voice” is an uplifting release that celebrates life and love. Jesse has had several hits in South Africa and the rest of the world needs to discover “Voice”.

Diamond Cafe, "Body Weak"


I’ve been writing on and off over the years about Diamond Cafe, otherwise known as British Columbia singer/songwriter/producer Tristan Thompson. His latest release, “Body Weak”, is easily one of his best to date. It fully embraces his Prince/Michael Jackson/George Michael influences that can be heard on just about every one of his songs, but “Body Weak” veers into a danceable, funky, sensual territory that’s quite impressive and positively irresistible. At times it reminds me of some of Teena Marie’s records, with the bass sounds highly reminiscent of Motown’s best work of the early 80’s, with splashes of the Jam & Lewis style that made Janet Jackson’s Control and Rhythm Nation successful. “Body Weak” should not be missed and R&B-friendly radio stations would be wise to find a place for it on their playlists.

GRAYTheBand, "All Done"

GRAYTheBand, “All Done”

A new name to get to know on the Canadian music scene is Edmonton’s Gray Ford, who leads an alternative neo-soul R&B collective called GRAYTheBand. I use “collective” because its band members are a cast of rotating artists who fit into Gray’s vision. “All Done” is the title track from a forthcoming album, and it’s an introduction to GRAYTheBand that packs a wallop and which you will find yourself listening to over and over. While its arrangement and melody recall a piano and percussion-led R&B ballad that you’d envision hearing at a jazz club, the song and the vocal offer a juxtaposition. “All Done” is about closing the door on a difficult chapter in one’s life. And while Gray’s vocal instills the emotion and uncertainty about closing that door, it also, through sheer dynamics and power, elicits hope, particularly through the surprising finale. “All Done” is a must for alternative and college radio stations, and for fans of songs that aren’t always easy to listen to, but offer many rewards in the end.


Martin Jensen & Karen Harding, "Worship You"


“Worship You” features the intriguing pairing of Danish producer Martin Jensen – known throughout Europe for his 2017 smash “Solo Dance”, and for working with other artists like Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, and James Arthur – and the reigning British queen of house music, Karen Harding. The results are nothing short of splendid featuring one of Karen’s most compelling vocals. The hook will remind you – probably deliberately – of Acraze’s “Do It To It”. But all in all “Worship You” is spiffy deep house that deserves play at clubs and dance music radio through the spring and summer months.

M. Byrd, "Only A Feeling"

M. BYRD, “Only A Feeling”

German singer/songwriter M. Byrd consistently produces high quality music, which is culminating in the release of his Nettwerk Records album The Seed this coming June. “Only A Feeling” finds him in fine voice singing authentic lyrics set to a brisk melody. He clearly has a loyal following as he’s embarking on a European tour which will see him perform in the UK, France, and Amsterdam, among others, this year. Top notch songs like “Only A Feeling” need to attract the rest of the world, and I think a bigger promotion and social media campaign on behalf of team M. Byrd needs to happen so that perhaps he can perform outside of Europe and tap into other audiences in future.

Marlow, "Over"

MARLOW, “Over”

Essex, England rock quintet Marlow return with the encouraging and uplifting “Over”. Led by the mellifluous voice of Freddie Marlow, “Over” is about wanting something so badly – a relationship, or something else entirely – that you’re hoping the other person doesn’t let go or stop wanting as much as you. The lyrics want you to make the right decision for yourself and stand by it, but at the same time the protagonist doesn’t want “you to fall through my hands again”. The instrumentation is crisp, focusing on drums and bright synths to maintain the melody, which signal resilience and positivity when faced with a difficult decision. “Over” is culled from the upcoming EP Home, and we’ll be hearing a lot more of Marlow throughout the year.


My New Music Pick of the Week  is a 5-7 minute radio segment that airs more than 20 times/week on online radio stations around the world.

Amanda Marshall, "I Hope She Cheats"

From her upcoming album Heavy Lifting, it’s Amanda Marshall with “I Hope She Cheats”, previously a Big Daddy pick of the week!


“Big Daddy” Russ Horton is the host of the “Top 40 Timeline” radio program and owner of online stations Radio GTA, Halton Hills Radio Online, & FM108.ca.

Phoenix featuring Clairo, "After Midnight"

French electronic pop group Phoenix with American vocalist Clairo on “After Midnight”


Hunter J. Wilbur is the host of the online radio shows “Modern Hype” and “Addictive Energy” which can be heard on several online stations including Classic Hits Canada.

Charlie Puth and Dan + Shay, "That's Not The Way This Works"

Charlie Puth teams up with Dan + Shay for “That’s Not The Way This Works”


Lewis Thompson featuring Clementine Douglas, "Enchanté"

“Enchanté” by Lewis Thompson featuring Clementine Douglas


JIMIN, "Like Crazy (English version)"

JIMIN’s gorgeous and emotional “Like Crazy” (English version) (22-5)