#BILLCSTop30 #665 – May 8/23

It likely only happens once, maybe twice a year, but the new chart features SIX new entries, as some older ones depart. Don’t forget, since the chart is bi-weekly, that the amount of weeks that a song is on the chart is actually double what is listed on the chart itself, which is the column for chart appearances. This chart reminds me of the early days of this chart in the 2000’s, when there were a lot of songs that came and went quickly. Over the years, I’ve found that the more staying power that a song has, the better it will be for it in the face of so many releases these days. As I’ve mentioned before, when I add a song to the chart, the intention is that it has potential to get to the Top 10, and if it doesn’t, well then there is just too much competition at the time. And I love all of the songs that I add to the chart, even though some do wear on me over time.

REMINDER: As with the BILLCS  New Music Report, I’m now embedding the video link in the artwork for the song or the artist, which hopefully will allow the blog page to load faster and smoothly.  So you now have to click on the photos above the write up to hear the song or watch the video. Let me know how it works for you! I am also using Alt Text where possible to assist readers with visual impairments.

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The top of the chart has settled down a bit but there are several vying for their shot at the top.

Lewis Thompson and Clementine Douglas, though, succeed for another chart as the brilliant 90’s flavoured house track “Enchanté” is on top for a second appearance.

JIMIN, "Like Crazy (English version)"

Rising 5-2 is BTS member JIMIN’s song about being caught up in the wild night life, and that is the English version of “Like Crazy” (above). It’s a beautiful song with a fantastic vocal which I am still hoping radio will play, simply because it’s such a smash.  You can check out the video for the original version of the song below.

JIMIN, "Like Crazy" (official video)

The Boy From The South, "Amazing-Man"

“Amazing-Man”, the whimsical alternative pop song by Spain’s The Boy From The South, keeps climbing and moves up 7-4.

Dabin & Kai Wachi featuring Lo Spirit - Hollow

Dabin and Kai Wachi’s “Hollow”, with an alternately touching and ferocious vocal by Atlanta’s Lø Spirit, rises 6-5, and matches Dabin’s personal best, which was previously with Illenium and Lights with 2021’s “Hearts on Fire”.

Greg Oakland featuring Tara Louise - Never Temporary

Two songs join the Top 10.  Rising NYC trance producer Greg Oakland climbs 12-9 with “Never Temporary” (above) featuring a vocal by co-writer Tara Louise. And Seattle’s Surf Mesa moves up 11-10 with “City of Love” (below) featuring the voice of co-writer Selah Sol.

Surf Mesa featuring Selah Sol - City Of Love

Loreen, "Tattoo"

EuroVision is Saturday May 13 and Sweden and a lot of fans worldwide will be rooting for a second win for Loreen with “Tattoo”, which moves up 19-14.  Loreen won the contest for Sweden in 2012 with “Euphoria”.

Niko The Kid featuring MAYLYN, "Only One"

The Fastest Riser on the chart is the riveting dance track “Only One” by Niko the Kid and MAYLYN, which soars 27-17.

The Disco Fries & Eche Palante, "Give Me Your Soul"

The Highest of six debuts is the collaboration of NYC’s The Disco Fries with Miami’s Eche Palante with “Give Me Your Soul” at #24.  It’s The Disco Fries’ 5th chart entry and is culled from their upcoming album Another World. They went to #1 in early 2021 with “Give It Back” with fellow producers GIIANTS and vocalist Allison Park.

Jonas Blue featuring Rani, "Finally"

Also not new to the chart but back for his 6th entry is British producer Jonas Blue and vocalist RANI with “Finally” at #25. This song takes the hook of Gusto’s “Disco’s Revenge” (which was in turn taken from a 70’s R&B track by Harvey Mason) and builds a new song around it that is just irresistible.  Jonas Blue was last on the chart in early 2022 with “Don’t Wake Me Up” (#5) with Why Don’t We.

Cobi, "Telepathic Powers"

He’s been a frequent visitor to my blog over the years but L.A. based singer/songwriter Cobi makes his first chart appearance since 2016 with the gorgeous “Telepathic Powers” from his upcoming album Love In The Wildwood. Cobi has shifted he sound over the years to embrace bluesy guitar melodies more, and that’s something very few people are doing right now aside from say Steve Lacy and Lenny Kravitz and a few others. He’s just coming off of a tour in France where he opened for Imelda May. His Facebook page is full of live clips where you can get a read on what I’m talking about. Cobi was previously a member of the band Gentleman Hall, who reached the Top 10 on my chart twice in the early 2010’s.

Daniel Richter, "Forget You"

Arriving as an indie solo artist on the chart for the first time is Canadian singer/songwriter Daniel Richter with “Forget You” at #27. Daniel was previously the lead singer of the band Eleven Past One, who reached the Top 10 on my chart with “There’s Nothing Wrong” in early 2015, but are best known for the radio hit “The World Is Ours”. While the lyrics of “Forget You” can be adapted to many different circumstances, if you want to find out the true inspiration of the song, check out Daniel’s socials.

Ben Ellis, "Ed's House"

At #28 is Welsh newcomer Ben Ellis with “Ed’s House”, which is a fun indie romp that uses the song title “Teenage Dirtbag” as a reference point in its catchy chorus.

TELYKast & Georgia Ku, "You Got Me"


And returning to the chart at #29 is L.A. dance production trio TELYKast with singer/songwriter Georgia Ku and “You Got Me”. TELYKast reached #1 on the chart in early 2022 with their massive national dance radio hit “Unbreakable”.

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