Glorious arpeggios grace potential festival banger “Stained Glass” by Germany’s @djSeverman, new Indian producer @ArshanJoel, and singer/songwriter @RobbieRosenlive


Call it a weakness, but glorious arpeggios will get to me almost every time, provided they are surrounded by the right song, production, and vocals. And “Stained Glass”, which is a co-write by Germany’s Severman, India’s Arshan Joel, and NYC singer/songwriter and former “American Idol” contestant Robbie Rosen, scores in all departments. I’ll forever associate arpeggios with a big room sound that was popular between 2010 and 2015, a sound that some producers wrongly squawk about as being dated. “Stained Glass” is more than suitable as a club or festival anthem, with its lyrics about putting the past behind and seeing the colours of the future through the title object. Though I understand this release was long in the making, it’s rare that you would find Robbie’s vocal associated with a potential festival banger. But everyone’s hard work lifts this song to the next level, and I’m hopeful that the right club DJ and festival programmers’ ears will land on it.

Emirati dance producers @Revelriesmusic team up again with L.A.’s @SamSmyers for the deep house of “Give It All Up”


Hypnotic rhythms and a sultry male vocal lead the way in “Give It All Up”, the latest release by Emirati dance producers/songwriters Revelries and L.A. producer/songwriter Sam Smyers. These guys are make it all sound easy with the slick sounds of “Give It All Up”. They previously released one of my favourite tracks of 2018 “Don’t Think Twice” (with vocalist Oktavian, reaching #2 on my personal chart), and have had other solid collabs since like “End Up Like That”. And making it easy doesn’t mean there’s a boring formula, this is simply high quality work – knowing how to make a winning vocal, a brisk house rhythm, and a regretful story of infatuation all gel together – that stands out and will immediately grab your attention.

“Timebomb” cranks up the fun retro 2000’s energy courtesy of L.A.’s @TwoFriendsmusic and vocalist @ModSun

TWO FRIENDS and MOD SUN, “Timebomb”

I had the pleasure of being in the audience for Two Friends’ high octane return to Toronto on June 30, and got to hear “Timebomb” the day before release. It’s an enjoyable, energetic track that draws a lot from the early 2000’s melodically – think Blink 182, Good Charlotte, American Hi-Fi, and others. But of course, being a Two Friends release, you can expect some big synths and drops which ramp up both the song’s likeability and its power in concert. Minnesota native Mod Sun brings big attitude and edge to his vocal, and it couldn’t be any better of a match. While he’s had more than a 10 year career, it wasn’t till recent years working with Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear, Travis Barker, and of course now-fiancée Avril Lavigne that his style and talent have come to fruition. This one is destined to be a staple in Two Friends’ sets, and is a nice contrast to their recent sentimental dance radio hit with John.k, “Wish You Were Here”.

Dutch dance producers @LucasandSteve team up with New York’s @CRCLEmusic for 90’s throwback “Every Day”

LUCAS & STEVE and CRCLE, “Every Day”

Dutch dance producers Lucas and Steve have been acquiring fans worldwide over the last decade with their energetic live shows at some of the biggest festivals and venues. This time, these prolific guys team up with New York City producer CRCLE for “Every Day”. And if the song seems familiar, it should be: Its playful verses are from American pop/R&B group Jade’s 1995 hit “Every Day of the Week”. But the three producers surround that chorus with a punchy new mix of synths which are guaranteed to get club and festival audiences supercharged. Then the chorus takes over and a crowded dance floor ensues. “Every Day” is smart and on point and is ready-made for dance music radio airplay too.

It’s “10/10” #27: @therealPetawane @Showtek & #MCAmbush @Shoffymusic @GlassPetalsss & @DrewRayTanner @realFutureKings & @Liffordshilling #MELO @Castleberry5age @stevexcooper & @Rothwho @djBrunoFurlan & #Medusa @bexxmp3

While I was on vacation recently in NYC, I didn’t write any blog posts, so of course the songs accumulate while I’m away. My solution: It’s “10/10” time with edition #27!  In “10/10”, I write about 10 hot and fresh songs in no particular order, for your kind consideration and attention.  I continue to write individual blog posts about certain songs.  That does not mean that songs in the “10/10” lists are any less than those featured individually.  So you get to learn about more new music that I hear but I wouldn’t otherwise get to write about.  Songs often end up on my personal chart, the BILLCS Top 30. They may even receive airplay on one of the many affiliate online radio stations that are learning about my blog choices and finding them good fits for my radio shows such as “Your Weekend New Music Mix” or “The Big 20”!

  • PETAWANE, “Music”

The heart and soul of contemporary soul music lives and breathes in the form of veteran NYC singer Petawane (aka James Burris). His recent release “Music” is a passionate tribute to soul music of the recent past, and name-checks so many songs and performers in the process that it’s hard to keep track. “Music” could have been easily executed as a novelty track, but instead you’ll embrace it and put it on repeat. Petawane has a classic vocal style that’s influenced by the best, from Sam Cooke and Nat “King” Cole, to Curtis Mayfield and Teddy Pendergrass, to Patti LaBelle and Millie Jackson. He’s also a three-time winner of “Showtime At The Apollo”, and signed to legendary music executive Ray Caviano’s RFC Fresh label, so with “Music” you can expect something exceptional.

  • SHOWTEK and MC AMBUSH, “Welcome Back Home”

Longtime electronic dance producers, The Netherlands’ Showtek, have worked with many artists over the years on too many numerous smashes to count, and continue to come through with a fantastic, fun release. “Welcome Back Home” is a feel good, inclusive song uniting people with love and music. Netherlands-based American vocalist MC Ambush – whose notable work goes back to Kevin Lyttle’s classic “Turn Me On” in 2003 – provides the encouraging, anthemic vocal that carries the song over its buoyant and well-crafted synths and melody. Club DJ’s who want their audiences to cheer will want to crank up “Welcome Back Home” in their sets.

  • SHOFFY, “Nightmares in NYC”

Over the past few years, L.A.-based singer, songwriter and producer Shoffy (aka Alex Shofler) has garnered success at both Top 40 radio and on the dance music scene with his varied takes on electronic pop. In fact, the quietly introspective but direct “Flags”, from his 2017 self-titled album, reached #2 on my personal chart, and I played that song and others from the album for months. His new release “Nightmares in NYC” is laid back, reflective electronica, about being lonely in a city where it’s impossible to be alone, yet when missing someone who is thousands of miles away becomes the centre of your focus, then you might as well be in a desert instead of NYC. Shoffy’s every-guy vocal and thoughtful songwriting style here will appeal to fans of Lauv and John.k. 


As its title implies, “Cardio” is destined to give night club dancers a real workout with its heavy bass synths pounding from big speakers. Glass Petals is the deep house side project for Canadian producer Felix Cartal with fellow producer Johnny Jover, and it follows up the recent “Leave Your Mind Behind” once again for the Hau5trap label. TV’s “Riverdale” fans might be doing a double take at the second artist featured – fellow Canadian Drew Ray Tanner, aka Fangs Fogarty, one of my favourite characters on the show. His distorted voice provides the sublimely ominous vocal that will compel you to give it your all on the dance floor. Just say “Fangs made me do it”.

  • FUTURE KINGS and LIFFORD, “Brick House”

If you’re looking for some house music that’s laced with funky sounds, then you should be undoubtedly satisfied by this cover of The Commodores’ “Brick House” by UK producers Future Kings and British R&B/pop vocalist Lifford for Oliver Heldens’ OH2 label. While the original is certainly still heard all over the world in clubs today, Future Kings (Alex Ross and Paul Webb) deliberately turn the song on its side with a sassy, trance-house production that breathes some new life into it. And it’s helped even further by Lifford Shillingford’s compelling, rich voice, which gives it more contemporary flair while still sounding like a mix of classic Joe Simon and Clarence Carter. Fans of “Britain’s Got Talent” will also know Lifford from his performances on that show in season 12.  Future Kings and Lifford deliver “Brick House” 2022 which will go down easy in clubs.

  • MELØ, “XEX”

At the top of the year, I introduced you to Windsor, Ontario singer/songwriter MELØ and his catchy single “Mysteria”. You can find that song as well as three more on his EP Things We Lost, including the intriguing “XEX”. Again drawing from a myriad of influences that transport you back to the middle of the 80’s, and I might be entirely wrong, but “XEX” to me is an anthem to that which is intangible or unexplainable in the world, which is encouraging to those who always enjoy a good mystery. In some ways MELØ’s songwriting in “XEX” reminds me of British pop group China Crisis, who have an art for writing songs that often are about nothing in particular. That places a lot of emphasis on the production, harmonies and melody, which are all solid on “XEX”.

  • SAGE CASTLEBERRY, “I Kinda Like It”

A charming, versatile voice goes a long way over jangly guitars and perky synths. Michigan-raised Sage Castleberry definitely has the goods as a singer, songwriter and guitarist as he proves in “I Kinda Like It”. The song’s about recognizing that it’s perfectly fine to have someone to talk to and keep you company when you’re feeling lonely, without having to commit to a relationship. “I Kinda Like It” will appeal to fans of Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Bruno Mars. Sage Castleberry isn’t an easy name to forget, and his high energy level and earnestness will take him far.


“Water Wings” is an upbeat new song with minimal synths carrying a slight but infectious melody, brought to you by Brooklyn producer stevexcooper and vocalist Rothstein. The song is from their upcoming EP What Are You Made Of?, and is a delight for alternative and college radio fans. Steve Cooper has had a nearly 20 year career in the music industry, and his flair for the atypical with a lot of genuine touches in “Water Wings” is impressive to the ears. You’re guaranteed to dig “Water Wings” from first listen, even if you don’t quite know why, which makes the subsequent listens all the more inviting.

  • BRUNO FURLAN with MEDUSA, “Nobody”

“Nobody” is an inspired house track whose roots show reverence for the 80’s house of producers like Todd Terry.  Producer Bruno Furlan hails from Brazil, and he’s got a heater here that’s guaranteed to put some big bounce into any club set. The song is led by the enticing voice of Medusa, who has brought her talents to many electronic and house tracks. From start to finish, “Nobody” is a dancefloor winner.

  • BEXX, “One More Night”

There’s an interesting story behind how “One More Night” came to be. It’s brought to you by new UK pop/dance singer bexx who hopes to follow the successes of fellow Brits like Becky Hill and Rina Sawayama. The endless positive vibes of “One More Night” were inspired by the film “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, despite bexx going through a breakup at the time of writing. As you can see from the joyous video above, it’s a bright, solid three minute pop tune that show’s off bexx’s sharp vocal as well. 







#BILLCSTop30 #643 – July 4/22

Just when I thought I had identified my two songs of summer – “Daydreaming” by Harry Styles and “Superstar” by Darin – along comes a third.  Beyoncê’s “Break My Soul”, from her upcoming album Renaissance, bounds onto the chart at a high #21. The song’s lively spirit, sampling of Robin S’ classic 90’s pop/dance hit “Show Me Love”, and funky rhythm give this one trademarks all its own. It’s also Beyoncê’s first appearance on my chart since she went to #1 in early 2009 with “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”. While I’ve appreciated several of her songs and videos since then, most of them never stuck with me long enough to end up on the chart. So it’s a new era for Beyoncé for me!

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This edition of the chart also brings you a new #1 song for the first time since April! Oliver Sim’s slinky droll slice of funky fun “Romance with a Memory” takes over at the top, moving 3-1 for The xx’s bassist/vocalist.

The next chart in two weeks should be interesting as Benson Boone’s ballad of heartache, “In The Stars”, zips into the Top 5, moving 6-2, becoming an instant challenge to “Romance with a Memory” to stay at #1 for a second appearance.

Victor Perry’s “Punching Bag” rises 8-5, becoming his second solo entry to reach the Top 5. “What I Deserve” topped out at #2 in 2020. It’s also Victor’s fifth Top 5 entry overall. He’s also had a song reach every position within the Top 10!!

Harry Styles’ glorious “Daydreaming” is the Fastest Riser, moving up 17-9, becoming his sixth Top 10 on this chart.

It’s been taking its time, but Ryan Shepherd’s “The High”, featuring vocalist Bella Renee, climbs 12-10, becoming his fourth Top 10 on the chart. Ryan reached #1 on the chart back in 2017 with Loud Luxury on their collaboration of “Fill Me In”, which I was so happy to hear at his show last week opening for Two Friends.

Closing in on the Top 10 is the soaring sound of “Afterglow” by Nicky Romero, GATTUSO and Jared Lee, moving up 14-11.

A bunch of recent songs get locked into the lower half of the chart because there is simply too much going on that I love in the upper part of the chart!

But it will all give way in two weeks, allowing “Dusk” (above) by Manila Killa and Lights to move up beyond its 21-17 rise this time.  Check out another track from Manila Killa’s upcoming album Dusk called “Desire”, with vocalist MADI, below.

The future bass/dubstep sounds of “Crown” by We Are Fury, brassie and Kyle Reynolds also has potential for a faster rise than its 23-19 move. “Crown” is culled from We Are Fury’s EP The Lost & Damned.

McEwen’s heartfelt slice of dance music called “Love That About You” (above), from his new album 0524, climbs 27-22, while Javi’s gorgeous cover of Sade’s “Cherish The Day” (below) is right behind, rising 28-23.

The second debut brings back Swedish trio Louis Pax to the chart after their month-long #1 “Bad Things” earlier this year, which stuck around on the chart for the maximum 10 appearances (20 weeks). “Ophelia” is another 80’s influenced pop bop and bows at #27. A video for the song premieres later this week.

A second inspired cover arrives on the chart at #28. “Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee)” was a huge 1991 radio and club hit for Crystal Waters, and it’s given a reverent redux by The Netherlands’ Steve Void with singer Sharon Doorson. No cookie cutter cover this one! It’s Steve’s fifth chart entry and first since his 2019 #1 “Closure” with Andy Marsh.

At #30, “Confusion Girl Completed” becomes the first song to enter this chart in its 24 years having been completely redone by its original artist. Frankmusik originally released the song in 2009 as a part of his Complete Me album, and it peaked at #11, his first appearance on this chart. He is re-recording each song from that album and releasing them one-by-one throughout 2022. As much as I still enjoy the original, “Confusion Girl Completed” is now an undeniable, contemporary pop bop. It follows up Frankmusik’s recent #2 “The Half Moon Came Up In The Sky”, which departs the chart as of this edition.

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L.A. based teen singer/songwriter @KaceyFifield returns with dance anthem “Toxic”


Think of “Toxic” as a quick taste of what’s to come this year from 17 year old singer/songwriter Kacey Fifield. Kacey showed a lot of promise with a trio of electronic pop singles last year –  “Ghost” (with South Korean producer Little Rain), “Confused” and “Camouflage” – as well as “Last Breath”, a duet with co-writer and mentor Robbie Rosen, several of which I wrote about. “Toxic”, also co-written with Robbie, is a bigger step forward, creating a dance anthem of sorts for young women who have risen above toxic friendships and relationships. Its compelling production comes courtesy of India’s Nippendab, whose recent release “Mind” was picked up by no less than Sam Feldt for his Heartfeldt radio show. The bass synth work in this house mix is a perfect foil for Kacey’s bold vocal. Kacey’s singles have been remixed in past (most recently by Jay Bird, who put a future bass spin on “Ghost”), so moving more into the uptempo dance music stream is natural. Reminiscent of Daya (who at 16 won a Grammy for her vocal on The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down”), Kacey is sure to help open doors for other young women in this genre. There’s much more to come from Kacey in the coming months!

L.A. pop/dance singer/songwriter @TylerGarrettusa releases new album “Mirage” featuring “My Life”


Following last year’s album release Runaway, L.A. prolific singer/songwriter Tyler Garrett quickly follows it up with a 15 song alternative dance album called Mirage, which includes the song “My Life”.  The album will please dance music fans who like their music brisk and intense, though the album has its diverse, downtempo moments too. “My Life” is one of the aforementioned powerful tracks, about taking back control of one’s life, more of a straight up alternative dance song with rock elements when compared with some of Runaway’s more R&B flavoured jams. It’s got a late 90’s aggressive electronic dance flair that strangely reminds me of Underworld’s “Born Slippy”, though it’s nowhere near as over-the-top. For more tastes of Tyler’s Mirage album, I can steer you to the title song, “Resurface” and “Expedite (My Love)”. 

Meet @EminEMINZADA with unique alt.pop release “Bloodline”

EMINZADA, “Bloodline”

“Bloodline” isone of the most unique alt.pop releases you’ll hear this year, a thought-provoking song from new London-based, Azerbaijan-born singer/songwriter EMINZADA. As easy as the song goes down melodically, the song’s message remains profound, carried by EMINZADA’s own simple and likeable vocal with its tidy British accent. It’s about that time in one’s life where family tradition, as honoured and pronounced as it might be in some cultures, must come to an end in order for someone to live the life they choose. As a person with a disability that affects him as a singer – with a sunken breast bone that can impact his heart and lungs – and as a disabled member of the LGBTQIA+ community, EMINZADA experiences daily hurdles which he shares through his music. “Bloodline” is also rich with Azerbaijan traditional instrumentation, which is rarely heard in the global pop world. “Bloodline” gently commands your attention and makes you look forward to what EMINZADA will deliver on his  forthcoming EP.

“You” by UK/Irish production duo @Menrvamusic and vocal powerhouse @MOYAangela is a house-pop delight

MENRVA and MOYA, “You”

“You” is a delightful slice of pop-house brought to you by UK-Irish production duo (and brothers ) Menrva and American powerhouse R&B/pop vocalist MOYA. Being led by examples of smashes like Joel Corry’s “Head and Heart” and Elton John & Dua Lipa’s “Cold Heart”, “You” has pop and dance radio hit written all over it, not necessarily because it follows a formula, but because its execution is so on point. Menrva’s uplifting production gives MOYA lots of room to play with and flourish. Its melody is instantly memorable and the lyrics are full of welcome positives for the summer months. Although titled the same as Regard’s pop and dance hit of last year, that’s where the comparison ends, but you can expect “You” to find similar success.