“Gold” is stunning mid-tempo deep house from @musicbyJohnk and @RickyRemedy


Some great late night music always seems to come out of Florida, and you’ll know what I mean when you hear on-the-bubble singer John.k’s voice rise over a crunchy deep house beat in “Gold”.  While it starts off sounding like it might be a ballad, this joint effort with noted Latin Grammy-nominated producer Ricky Remedy is a stunner, tight and powerful, and it will get you swaying on the dance floor once the big beats kick in.  John.k’s vocal prowess reminds me a lot of Jon Secada (90’s smash “Just Another Day”), and there’s so much going on in Ricky’s production – without making it overly busy – that would make it sound fantastic in a live setting.  “Gold” is available for you to hear at the link above.


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Big, soulful sounds from @Billonmusic with “One That I Want”

BILLON, “One That I Want”

UK producer/DJ Billon is receiving lots of support back home from the likes of the BBC and Ministry of Sound for his latest single “One That I Want”.  It’s got a big, soulful sound with a solid vocal that will have you feeling it during its first two minutes.  After that it busts out into some deeper house grooves for the remaining minute and dispenses with lyrics in favour of vocal effects.  So there’s a bit of something for everyone here, which might afford Billon a wider audience.  I think some creative remixes could support this song even more.  Check it out at the link above.

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“Getaway” is jazzy deep house from @Imadmusicoff and #WaveWave featuring @Samiaelharake @White_Trumpet


IMAD & WAVE WAVE featuring SAMIA and WHITE TRUMPET, “Getaway” (free DL)

Another deceptive beginning might make you think “Getaway” is intended to be a jazzy ballad.  But once the rhythm kicks in, it becomes a happy marriage of pop, dance, and jazz styles from a collective from three countries:  17 year old newcomer producer Imad and vocalist Samia, both from Lebanon, with German producer Wave Wave, and White Trumpet from Romania!   A lilting vocal by Samia carries the song all the way through, and I’m such a sucker for live instruments when the work by White Trumpet really stands out, particularly over a key break in the song that becomes a real earworm.  Though I don’t think the song needed the vocal effects, I suppose they help bridge all of the styles going on.  “Getaway” is a free download, so get it while you can at the above link.

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#BILLCSTop30 #515 – August 7/17

My final week of vacation begins with a new chart, and the Top 10 gets turned inside out a bit as a new #1 leads the pack.

The Top 10

  • Bright Light Bright Light gets his 6th #1 on my chart since 2010 with the spectacular “New York Pretty”.  And he also has one of four debuts on the chart with a second song from the Tales Of The City EP with “Into The Night” (below) at #26.  Both videos are stellar, heartwarming, and important statements about loving yourself and self-empowerment.  “New York Pretty” was preceded at #1 by BLx2’s 2010’s “A New Word To Say” and “Love Part II”, 2012’s “Waiting For The Feeling”, 2013’s “An Open Heart”, and 2014’s “I Believe”.  He ties Simon Curtis with most #1’s on the chart – though one of Simon’s songs, “8bit Heart”, got to #1 twice in two different versions.

  • If “New York Pretty” had lagged behind by two weeks, then Axel Mansoor would have got a second #1 with “Out Of My Head”, but it has to settle for a 3rd appearance (6th week) at #2.  More to come thought from this great new singer/songwriter!

  • Martin Garrix gets back-to-back Top 5 songs on the chart as his pairings with Troye Sivan and Brooks, “There For You” (above) and “Byte” (below), climb to #4 and #5 respectively.  All of Martin’s songs that have appeared in the chart have reached the Top 5, with two, “Animals” and “Proxy”, getting to #1 in 2014.

  • Cosmos & Creature continue to be one of the most prolific pairs in music today, either through creating their own work or collaborating with others.  Their most recent single “Bad Drug” climbs 8-6.

  • Like Martin Garrix, every song that has appeared for Anton Ewald on this chart has reached the Top 10.  The sinfully catchy and funky “L.I.L.Y.” (like I love you) keeps it going by moving 12-18.
  • The last new entry into the Top 10 is a first for Florida’s Tipsy label.  Danish producers Boye & Sigvardt and singer Uhre, as well as Scottish producer MAGNÜS leap 13-10 with the infectious and engaging “Astronauts”, with remixes now available.

Movin’ On Up

  • “Magic” by UK singer Sean Smith, in its classic house Andy Sikorski mix, is headed for the Top 10 as it climbs 15-11.
  • The fastest riser on the chart is the last chart’s highest debut by Oregon’s CVBZ with “Be Like You”.  In its ‘bedroom bass’ Sean Turk remix, “Be Like You” bounds 20-12.

  • In a common theme with this week’s chart – some excellent videos, starting with those by Bright Light Bright Light above – the colourful and sexy visuals for Dan Talevski’s “Birthday Suit” all came to life recently and a really great time was had by all.  “Birthday Suit” climbs 19-14.

  • The Killers announced their latest stadium tour as their single “The Man” continues to rise 21-18, feeling very much like when the band arrived in 2004.  It’s from their upcoming 5th album Wonderful Wonderful.
  • Toronto’s Blajk makes its first appearance since playing the NXNE festival in June.  The quartet rocks The Drake Hotel on Thursday August 10, and new single “Gunshot” rises 24-20.

  • “Suitcase” marks Matthew Koma’s 10th appearance on this chart since 2012, and it moves up 26-21.

The Remaining 3 Debuts

  • The highest debut on the chart at #22 is “Show Me” by Toronto production duo Loud Luxury featuring fellow Torontonians Nikki’s Wives.  If you haven’t yet caught the fun video, Ron Jeremy stars in his second appearance in recent years – remember the video for Armin van Buuren & Trevor Guthrie’s “This Is What It Feels Like”, which got to #6 on my chart in 2013?

  • One of the most aimiable songs of late is an independent release that has suddenly become a national hit in both Canada and the UK – we’re waiting on YOU, USA!  American singer/songwriter Lauv arrives at #27 with “I Like Me Better” – check out both the original above and Canadian producer Famba’s recent remix below.

  • The final debut is one of the most unique songs of 2017.  Its video was released last week and is a travel ode to Los Angeles.  Iowa’s Kid Froopy precedes his upcoming EP with the single “Drive Slow” which bows at #30.

View the full BILLCS Top 30 right here, and be sure to click on the photos to hear all of the songs.

Listen to the BILLCS Top 30 Songs on Spotify! Click on this link to take you there, and follow me on Spotify: BILLCS Top 30 Songs

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Must Listen New Anthemic Gem: “We Won’t Leave You” by @SteveVoidmusic & @Syenceofficial

STEVE VOID & SYENCE, “We Won’t Leave You”

Arriving so quickly after recent singles “Rooms” and “West L.A.” comes a song that likely just couldn’t be held back, the emotional and anthemic “We Won’t Leave You” by one of our favourite young Dutch producers, Steve Void, and Californian production duo Syence.  It’s totally unlike any previous Steve Void singles.  It’s got a terrific, unifying message while encouraging people to be themselves, but to stand up and not take any crap as well.  To me, “We Won’t Leave You” has the potential to be the successor to Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” and go through the roof.  It will empower audience members to sway and dance and most importantly to enjoy each other together, which very few dance records can do.  Steve Void and Syence have a personal best here.  Give it a listen above and pick it up at your favourite digital music store.

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“Wake Up For The Night” is melodic dance floor bliss from @iamAlyxAnder featuring @CarolinePennell

ALYX ANDER featuring CAROLINE PENNELL, “Wake Up For The Night”

Following up the sinfully rich melodies of “Memories Of You” (which got to #5 not long ago on my chart), Miami producer/DJ Alyx Ander brings us “Wake Up For The Night”, another slice of dance floor bliss for starry summer nights.  It features Caroline Pennell, the singer/songwriter who you will know as a Top 10 finalist in Season 5 of “The Voice”.  Her soft but alluring voice provides a striking contrast to the big beats and shiny melody, sort of like Lorde meets Ellie Goulding via Kate Bush.  It makes “Wake Up For The Night” a different kind of anthem that will resonate well through big dance club speakers, and DJ’s should jump on this one immediately.  It’s also great to see a finalist from “The Voice” doing well, as like Alyx Ander, Caroline is signed to Nettwerk Records, and their pairing together is worth repeating!  Check out “Wake Up For The Night” at the Spotify link above.

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“Bucked” by Avila (@avilawvy) will grind and heat up the evening

AVILA, “Bucked” (free DL)

It’s not for everyone, but with its relentless, taunting, gritty chorus, “Bucked” by Puerto Rican producer Avila can definitely bring some rising heat to the evening.  It’s an immediately recognizable song that will signal the kick start to a heavy set of music in the club for which you know you will want to be on the dance floor.  But “Bucked” is not all for the grind, and Avila mixes up the pace nicely to keep you dancing rather than send you off irritated by repetition.  This one’s available as a free download too, so be sure to check out “Bucked” at the link above.

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Tasty alt.pop/jazz “Orange Tree Leaves” by Ryan Svendsen (@musicbefore) feat. @missMollyMoore and @UnoHype

RYAN SVENDSEN featuring MOLLY MOORE and UNO HYPE, “Orange Tree Leaves”

Combining pop, jazz and hip hop in this decade continues to sound fresh with well-produced songs like “Orange Tree Leaves”. It’s brought to us by L.A. producer and trumpeter Ryan Svendsen, with principal vocals by Molly Moore of Cosmos & Creature and hip hop flavour from Maryland-born Uno Hype.  It’s music for a sunny, laid back day on a patio with friends.  Fans of Molly know that she is no stranger to the jazzier side of music, having interpreted Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me” on her debut EP Shadow Of The Sun.  Uno Hype’s rap meshes beautifully with the song, not too heavy but just edgy enough to give the song a different kind of boost.  Ryan Svendsen clearly set out for a high-quality recording here which highlights his trumpet work.  You can easy play it back to back with songs by Canadians BADBADNOTGOOD among others. You’ve actually already heard Ryan on songs I’ve written about here, notably Cosmos & Creature’s new “Bad Drug” and the Pluto remix of Molly Moore’s “Imaginary Friends”.  He also happens to be the manager of film soundtracks for no less than Lionsgate so obviously has a great set of ears.  I’m glad he’s chosen to work with independent performers like these and look forward to hearing more.  Check out “Orange Tree Leaves” at the link above.

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Silky UK soul meets deep house in “Lost Without You” by @iamJamesCarter1 featuring #ILIRA

JAMES CARTER featuring ILIRA, “Lost Without You”

19 year old producer/DJ James Carter has been on the tip for the last year or so, acquiring support from folks like Matoma and The Chainsmokers in the process for his remixes.  He’s also released a number of originals, which continues with “Lost Without You” featuring vocalist ILIRA.  It’s bright deep house with catchy drops all in the right places.  But I suppose what’s most attractive is how James has used ILIRA’s vocal to create a late 80s/early 90s UK R&B vibe, that clearly recalls people like Lisa Stansfield and Mica Paris.  In the UK this style is extremely successful, but in North America it has a niche market and always sounds refreshing and vibrant.  The lyrics are familiar but with a few kicks in the mix too.  Get to know James Carter’s music as I think you’ll be hearing it more, so start off with “Lost Without You” at the link above.


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Why so serious? Lighten up with “Summer Thing” by @JoshTobiasmusic

JOSH TOBIAS, “Summer Thing”

New York-born Josh Tobias has already been making headway with his music with songs like “Beachside Lover” which garnered significant attention two years ago.  His latest alt.pop single “Summer Thing” has an interesting perspective – have a light, summer romance without making a commitment beyond that time, enjoy each other and have fun.  Whether that works for you is another thing, but it makes for an easy-going bright listen.  Josh produced “Summer Thing” himself and it’s an appropriately sparse recording with acoustic guitar and bass flowing with an R&B-flavoured rhythm creating a breezy groove.  You could easily pair it up with Phil Good’s “Sleeping In” from earlier this year, and I think some of Josh’s flair for identifying the lighter side of things might draw fans from Ed Sheeran’s camp too.  “Summer Thing” is pure pleasure to my ears, and I hope you indulge by checking it out at the link above.  Remix coming soon!!  

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