Lush and dreamy production highlights “My Position” by @Prince_Paris and MindTrix @trixyourmind


What I like best about “My Position” is that it really bowls you over from all directions with its lush, dreamy soundscapes, creating its own “Wall of Sound” vibe.  It’s one of the new releases from Montreal producer Prince Paris, previously known as one half of the worldwide success called Paris & Simo, with Simo now behind the scenes and all eyes on Paris.  Prince Paris is paired with NYC producer Mindtrix and they make more than the most of what would be an average song in other hands.  It’s also represented by a powerful, diverse uncredited vocalist whose tones ride the masterful production.  It’s no wonder that this ended up as a Tipsy Records release – a high calibre record that wastes no time in making you groove right along.

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Freestyle dance music star @LisetteMelendez is back in a big way with empowering “Rise”


One dance music sub-genre that still has many fans around the world is Freestyle, which was prominent particularly in NYC and Miami from the mid-80’s through the mid-90’s.  NYC singer of Puerto Rican heritage Lisette Melendez had a number of charted hits in the early 90’s such as “Goody Goody”, “Together Forever”, and my favourite “A Day In My Life (Without You)” (I’ve still got the 12″ vinyl!), and she’s back with “Rise”.  It’s an engaging and empowering song dedicated to anyone who’s going through a difficult time, but particularly women, hence the “Rocky” or “Karate Kid” inspired video with a young woman as the lead.  “Rise” works because of its sparkling contemporary production, which incorporates many elements of Freestyle which Lisette’s fans enjoy.  The singer sounds just great and club DJ’s should embrace “Rise” and its many remixes.

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“Alive” by @JackWins and #ILY brims with exhilarating feels

JACK WINS and ILY, “Alive”

Dutch producer Jack Wins returns with “Alive”, an exhilarating slice of dance/pop that features go-to Swedish vocalist ILY – you know her most recently in these blog pages from Gianni Marino & Boy Problems’ “Can You Hear Me”.  Her recognizable voice helps make “Alive” a winner, with its high end percussive hook that reminds me of recent releases by Australia’s JYYE.  But it’s the positive feels that will pull people out onto the dance floor and “Alive” should keep club goers happy into the winter months.

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French producer @TezCadey creates blissful EDM with “Logic” tailor-made for clubs and festivals

TEZ CADEY, “Logic”

There is so much great dance music coming out of France lately, and a lot of it is instrumental, so after a series of his singles with vocals comes Tez Cadey’s “Logic”.  With melodic inspiration so evident from Avicii, Martin Garrix, and Kygo, Tez is an absolute treat to watch in the above video which showcases a good day in the life of a DJ/producer off to play at a festival.  It oozes honesty, passion, and joy as Tez works his magic on stage.  “Logic” is a solid companion to Arty’s “Tim” and fellow Frenchmen Slow Hours’ recent “Endless”, and he’s one of the rare new producers to have cracked the Chinese music market early in his career.  “Logic” has a sneaky, recognizable hook that will immediately generate reaction from EDM lovers once they get to know it.  And there’s good news behind the scenes too that “Logic” is one of the first new releases for the Sony reboot of the Arista label, which released so much fine dance music in its heyday before being shuttered in 2011.  Watch for Tez Cadey’s album Lizard Days on November 2 too.

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It’s ear-filling funky pop this time for @SleepyTom with “Move” as sung by Sophia Black @sophartso


After a huge dance music world break through with Diplo on “Be Right There” a few years back, and working with the likes of Zed’s Dead and Porter Robinson, another of my fellow Canadians, Sleepy Tom, decided to take a few steps away from the big beats and synths.  One of the results of his short hiatus is his new single “Move”, which neatly underscores his skills as a musician (not just synths but guitar) with some funky bass hooks as well.  Sophia Black’s alluring voice positively shines as she draws club goers onto the dance floor for some fun (and gosh she even shares my daughter’s birthday!).  Not unexpectedly, the production is rich and vibrant, and club DJ’s should waste no time in getting to know another side of Sleepy Tom.

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NYC alt.rocker @MickyJamesmusic shakes you down with “Tie Me Up” and “New Heart”

MICKY JAMES, “Tie Me Up” and “New Heart”

NYC singer/songwriter Micky James is definitely an attention grabber with ‘double A’ single “Tie Me Up” and “New Heart”.  He’s got a look that makes you think Oasis meets Mick Jagger, but his sound is contemporary sort of post-punk blast from the 80’s, if you think Joan Jett and Generation X-era Billy Idol.  “Tie Me Up” is a quick, edgy, tidy rocker that may draw its energy from the punk era, recalling Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe.  “New Heart”, on the other hand, is a bouncy synth-rocker that has a lot of roots in British new wave like Duran Duran as if sung by a Billie Joe Armstrong or Brandon Urie.  There’s a lot to enjoy about these original songs vocally, musically and melodically, which makes them stand well on their own, however you consider Micky’s possible influences, so be sure to give ’em a shot at the Spotify links above and below.


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Nashville pop/soul singer @RLumRmusic’s “With My Words” is one to watch

R.LUM.R., “With My Words”

Take a classic song structure and pair it with a great vocal and heartfelt lyrics and you have “With My Words” by Nashville pop/soul singer R.Lum.R.  He’s definitely one to watch for with this song.  Reminiscent particularly of Sam Smith’s “Like I Can” at times, R.Lum.R. often sings in the same timbre that has made many of Sam’s songs so successful.  But that’s where the comparison stops.  Taking cues perhaps from an un-enhanced Tory Lanez kind of style that is somehow channeled via 90’s R&B like from Jodeci or Brian McKnight, with songs like “With My Words”, R.Lum.R. could easily sneak into the fan realm of singers like Miguel with his personable, honest branding.  

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Set to lift your spirits, lend your ears to “Shooting Star” by @AnnaYvettemusic

ANNA YVETTE, “Shooting Star”

NYC-based singer/songwriter Anna Yvette has a winner with the uplifting dance/pop of “Shooting Star”.  It’s full of feel-good, beautiful imagery that aims for those times when you’re going crazy, not yourself, and don’t know what to do – just be your best and aim high.  Inherently everyone is beautiful and talented in their own ways, and Anna Yvette is one like-minded singer to whom you can align yourself.  She’s recorded and written with scores of other dance music artists like Aero Chord, Pegboard Nerds, and Laura Brehm, as well as up-and-comers like JPB and Egzod.  But often it’s her own records like “Shooting Star” that are the most memorable.  You can also hear some of Anna Yvette’s music in a variety of video games, and she’s white-listed “Shooting Star” on You Tube for that purpose (see the  comments in the above link).  There’s a lot that’s subtle and gentle about the song with its synth arrangement, and all of the positives within its 4 minutes contribute to “Shooting Star” breezing by effortlessly.  

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“What You Do” is a must for the club and festival circuit from British duo @KuDeTaofficial and Dutch producer @JoeStonemusic with singer Sylvia Mwenze


There are some songs that just belong in clubland, so you can expect to hear “What You Do”, as made in the collaboration of British production duo Ku De Ta (as in coup d’état) and Dutch producer Joe Stone, for the rest of the Fall and into Winter.  “What You Do” has a splendid uptempo house rhythm and a vocal by Sylvia Mwenze that is nothing short of perfect for this kind of song.  And there is nothing better to do with this kind of record but to loosen up, put on those dancing shoes, and groove the night away.  Joe Stone has been known to make some crafty, infectious tracks, such as 2015’s “The Party” which brought back Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do it” to clubs 20 years later.  Matched with Ku De Ta, and to keep us happy, these guys could definitely work on another record or five 🙂

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French collective @SlowHours drop their adventurous debut single of many moods, “Endless”


SLOW HOURS, “Endless”

After numerous well-received remixes, which led to most of the six members of Slow Hours – Khamsin, Rusty Hook, Kidswaste, Kultur, Astre, and Lain – branching out with many terrific solo efforts, many of which I’ve written about, the band has dropped their debut original, progressive-sounding single “Endless”.  It’s a moody affair for sure, but well worthy of your kind attention for just shy of four minutes.  Now these guys know how to start a record with a great lead up to a complete change of pace before the 50 second mark, which turns into a gritty, trappy main section that returns later in the song.  It’s punctuated by a quieter, cinematic-sounding break, and finishes with almost a minute of melt-in-your mouth piano and symphonic effects that help make “Endless” quite an unexpected musical adventure.  I hope more will be forthcoming soon to show off the many diverse talents within Slow Hours.

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