#BILLCSTop30 #623, September 27, 2021

The BILLCS Music Blog is well into its 12th year online! I want to thank those of you who have stopped by to hear the music and read my blog posts, as well as all of the musicians, publicists, managers, and labels who have submitted their music for consideration, but especially those who have made lasting connections with me! It always makes me feel special to be a small part of the music industry, which has increased during 2021 with the start of my music consulting business side, BILLCS Music Projects & Consulting.

Right now, it’s hard to tear me away from the three top songs on the chart!

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Darin’s “Can’t Stay Away” (above) has become a must-hear for anyone who loves pop and dance music, and if you saw the clip of Darin last week singing the song a cappella, then you know he’s the real deal! That means that “Mon Cheri” by Sofi Tukker and African duo Amadou & Mariam is stuck at #2, and Howen and Robbie Rosen hold snugly at #3 with “Sanctuary” (below), so we’ll see what shakes down in two weeks.

Three songs arrive in the Top 10 for the first time. The end of summer fun in “Never Going Home” by French producer Kungs (above) moves up 12-6 and will hang on well into autumn. The Fastest riser on the chart is Duck Sauce’s “Nonchalant” (19-8, also above), which is hardly a novelty thanks to a fierce female vocal and the melody sampled from Modern Romance’s 1981 release “Queen Of The Rapping Scene”. Robbie Rosen gets his second concurrent Top 10 with “Don’t Want Perfect” (13-9, below) which he wrote and recorded in conjunction with ace Quebec producer Kayliox.

Russian producer Marava and Canadian singer/songwriter Eadie found synchronicity in the creation of their beautiful feel good song “Life’s Okay”, which climbs 16-11.

Damon Sharpe pairing with The Disco Fries was a terrific idea and the result is the pulsating deep house of “15 Minutes”, which moves up 18-12.

Gina Naomi Baez’s lovely anthemic ballad of empowerment, “My Time”, rises 23-17, and Gina tells me that a remix is on its way.  Can’t wait to hear it!

“Microdose” by Boye & Sigvardt with singer Jordan Shaw (above) moves up 26-18, a song that’s turned into a real earworm since its summer release.  Check out Boye & Sigvardt’s take on Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Murder On The Dance Floor”, below.

Justin Nozuka’s chill and soulful “Nova” (27-20) is his seventh chart appearance, which all began in 2008 with “After Tonight”, which went to #1 and was my #3 song of that year.

Grammy nominee Morgan Page has appeared once on the chart before as a remixer (for PLS&TY’s #6 “Down For Me” in 2018), and returns as a lead act with Lights on vocals on the snappy “Turn Off My Mind”, which bows as the Highest Debut at #27. Lights also appeared on the chart earlier this year on “Hearts On Fire”, with Illenium and Dabin, which reached #5.

Victor Perry continues his unbroken streak on my chart with the spot-on cover of Angie Stone’s “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”, which arrives at #28, as recorded with German producers John Skyfield and Shoby.  Victor has had a song on this chart since June 22, 2020 when the #2 “What I Deserve” debuted, This is the first time Victor has charted with a cover.  The original reached #8 back in 2002. Such great work all around!

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Love goes for the gusto in “One By One” by @RachelWoznow and producer @LittleRainmusic


One By One” is one of those songs that takes about 30 seconds before it immediately lights up a room.  It’s sung by Canada’s Rachel Woznow, following up the recent “Homesick” with Quebec’s Kayliox, and deftly produced by South Korea’s Little Rain (aka Yuchan Kim). Rachel’s top notch vocal truly gets to the heart of what the song is all about – taking a good relationship with someone and watching it grow into something even more special. Little Rain’s flair for sparkling synths and memorable melodies serves him well in this slaphouse setting, and caps his recent releases “Ghost” with Kacey Fifield and “Moonlight” with Devyn Rush.  Once you hear “One By One” you’ll simply want to play it more and more.  An extended mix would make this one dynamite in the offering for clubs.

Love #Bridgerton? Then “Burn For You” by @AbigailBarloww and @mleBear is just for you, from “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical”

BARLOW & BEAR, “Burn For You”

If you enjoyed “Bridgerton” as much as I did on Netflix but can’t wait till season two, then “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” is waiting for you to hear.  It’s portrayed as the unofficial Broadway musical version of the show, captured in song by two talented young women, Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, whose resounding success with the idea has been rampant on Instagram and Tik Tok, but is also yours to stream.  “Burn For You” is the outstanding highlight of this thoughtful and highly enjoyable work with excellent vocals illustrating in a nutshell what went down in one of the critical scenes and episodes of the series. Those not familiar with “Bridgerton” will want to watch the show after hearing this delightful hybrid offspring. Abigail and Emily can definitely take a long bow for this one!

“I Don’t Wanna Love You” is sophisticated deep house from Italy’s JuneRule with NYC’s Victor Perry @wallflowerperry

JUNERULE and VICTOR PERRY, “I Don’t Wanna Love You”

Junerule is a new producer from Italy who offers up some sophisticated deep house for late evenings with “I Don’t Wanna Love You”, co-written by and featuring the prolific Victor Perry.  Co-produced with fellow Italian Lordnox (who worked with Victor on “Myself In You”, which went to #1 on my personal chart), the song also has a rhythm suited for late night beach parties or drives, with some nice guitar sounds on top and a warm wall of bass synths.  Victor’s vocal is assured and resolute, and the melody will definitely entice you in further.

Check out the captivating new duet “Everything” by Brandyn Burnette @Eman8 and @CharlotteSands


I’ll say right off the top that “Everything” is a duet by L.A.’s Brandyn Burnette and Nashville-based Massachusetts native Charlotte Sands that needs to be repeated. In no time, the song will have you singing part of its chorus “But you can have everything / None of it matters to me / Just the way it happens to be / And if I leave just know I leave you everything”, mainly because the place that it’s all coming from is undeniably honest, vulnerable, and real. Then there’s the interplay between Brandyn and Charlotte, who just seem to naturally feed off of one another, introducing me to Charlotte’s pristine voice, and offering one of Brandyn’s best recent vocals. “Everything” is a captivating and soulful pop release that you’ll want to hear again and again.

Indian artist @Ashwynmusic releases uplifting new single “Pyar”

ASHWYN, “Pyar”

Indian producer, singer and guitarist Ashwyn follows up his recent singles “Deja Vu” and “Sell My Soul” (which has reached #9 on my personal chart) with an uplifting new lyrical single. It’s called “Pyar”, which is the Urdu word for “love”, and quite a change of direction from when Ashwyn was recording EDM records under the name Astra.  The song is about how transformative love can be in one’s life, and more than his other songs showcases Ashwyn’s pleasing voice and personality, which you can see in the video above. “Pyar” is a song meant for sunny days, touching indie pop with a universal message. It’s also suited for days when you need to put your head into a different, positive space – it will certainly help you get there.  

Austin, Texas-based duo @MeNdAdam bring it with early 2000’s alt.rock throwback “Get The Money”

ME ND ADAM, “Get The Money”

“Me” is Vince Winik and “Adam” is Adam Walker, and the Austin, Texas-based redheads together are Me Nd Adam, who have recently released the alt.rock anthem “Get The Money”.  The song is an intriguing ode to wanting a better life, where often the means to that is by making more and more money, hence the hook “get the money get the money get rich”.  So what does one do, betray a simpler, modest life for big money?  The song rocks out nicely and is highly reminiscent of early 2000’s Third Eye Blind or Fastball, which I’m confident will prompt interest for college and alternative rock stations.  Check out the video above which aptly spoofs the film “Office Space”.

10/10 Edition #20 : @Kunzitemusic @weareNightro @Stefanicolvin @HelaineVismusic @Maravamusic @Glassiomusic @NadiaVaeh @Ianupnorth #Russo @Palmariamusic

My “10/10” feature is back for Edition #20!  It’s the first one since July, but it’s a proactive way for me to share more great new music with you instead of getting frustrated trying to either write too much at one time (which means I write less enthusiastically and make mistakes) or not write about some songs I hear that deserve your attention.

For those not familiar with10/10,  I write about 10 hot and fresh songs in no particular order, for your kind consideration and attention.  I continue to write individual blog posts about certain songs.  That does not mean that songs in the 10/10 lists are any less than those featured individually – “My Time” by Gina Naomi Baez, from edition #19, is now rising up my personal chart – and they are not listed in any particular order.  Writing “10/10” posts means I can just cover more songs in one shot with a few sentences about each.  So you get to learn about more new music that I hear but I sometimes don’t get a chance to write about.

  • KUNZITE, “Lemon Swayze”

American psychedelic-electronic duo Kunzite have an out-of-the-blue winner with “Lemon Swayze”. After enjoying it several times, I still have no idea what it’s all about, and the entertaining video, with an older man on a road trip with a (blatant symbolism alert) back seat full of lemons, certainly adds to the mystique. Fans of MGMT will enjoy the melody, which relies on some repetitive sounds, that totally works as an undercurrent to its anthemic, almost singalong vibe. You can definitely rock out however you like to “Lemon Swayze”, which comes from Kunzite’s new album Visuals.

  • NIGHTRO and EMDEY, “The Vibe”

New York based Indian dance producer Nightro follows up the earlier “Don’t Like It” with the classic house-fueled “The Vibe” along with German producer Emdey (formerly MD Electro).  Despite its short length, dance music fans will dig the rapid fire pace of “The Vibe”, whose melody and soulful vocal will transport you back to the early 90’s house days, where it could easily be played next to tracks by CeCePeniston and Crystal Waters from back in the day. “The Vibe” was also recently picked up by Sam Feldt for his latest Heartfeldt Radio show so who knows where you’ll hear it next.

  • STEF, “sicc”

“sicc” takes a few listens to get under your skin, but once it does, it’s gonna stay there for a while. It’s by new Alabama-raised, Nashville-based electronic alt.pop singer Stef (otherwise known as 21 year old Stefani Colvin). “sicc” ruminates about obsessions and being forthright with one’s intentions so that people don’t mess around with you. While obvious comparisons will be to Billie Eilish because of its dark atmosphere, Stef’s versatile voice has a leg up in the song’s minimalist setting. “sicc” is brooding and compelling, and deserves a shot at alternative and college radio.

  • HELAINE VIS, “Ice”

The soulful, jazzy atmosphere in “Ice” will hold your attention in this new release by Poland’s Helaine Vis from her upcoming album Pretty Cliché.  What’s unique about “Ice” is its perspective, which comes from a woman who broke a guy’s heart, and the regret that follows knowing that she let a good one slip away. Its black and white video signifies the barren feelings that remain when you discover you are wrong, not knowing when your world will fill with colour again. Helaine has a beautiful, expressive voice which clearly was influenced by classics like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, and translates their sway into a convincing pop setting.

  • GLASSIO, “Magazines”

Glassio is a solo electronic pop vocal project that is now the recording name for one of its original members, NYC-based Irish-Iranian talent Sam R., who returns with his new single “Magazines”.  It’s also a collaboration with Dave Rublin of American Authors, and while you can hear some similar Americana kinds of influence in the storytelling style of the song, it takes a turn for a different bent with its slight, ear-catching synth melody. Sam’s thoughtful, chill vocal also lifts this song above average, a perfect foil for the lyrics which are about self-acceptance and moving in a positive direction despite any recent difficult circumstances. “Magazines” will be followed by Glassio’s second forthcoming album called See You Shine.

  • MARAVA, “Underwater”

Russian electronic producer Marava follows his delightful dance/pop collaboration with Canadian singer Eadie on “Life’s Okay” with a dramatically different presentation.  “Underwater” is a vivid instrumental that will send visions of anything to do with the ocean to your brain.  This is a song that is tailor-made to be played in a movie, video clip, or video game, and Marava’s production and synth work is so compelling and fluid, you won’t even notice the over four minute length. 

  • IAN MATTHEW, “Mr. Reliable”

Connecticut-based singer/songwriter Ian Matthew is back with a song that will keep you smiling called “Mr. Reliable”.  Ian glides into a jaunty Jason Mraz-meets-Jack Johnson territory in this song about that kind of guy you can always depend on. And some people might sneer, but a lot of people really do depend on such folks, so “Mr. Reliable” is an enjoyable toast to them.  Ian can rock out with the best of them or lend his voice to an electronic dance track, but “Mr. Reliable” is nonetheless a refreshing head-turner.

  • NADIA VAEH, “Leap Of Faith”

The phrase “taking a leap of faith” can apply to any situation where you must take a bit of a risk to move forward because it’s simply the right thing to do for yourself.  With her convincing honesty, Atlanta singer-songwriter Nadia Vaeh manages to convey her message with a gritty rock style that may take inspirations from singers like Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, and Halsey.  The rock style of the early 2000’s seems to be in comeback mode, so fans of that era are bound to enjoy “Leap of Faith”.  And even as an indie artist, Nadia is a caring philanthropist who often donates proceeds from her music to charity, and is certainly deserving of your support.

  • RUSSO, “On The Floor”

Dutch producer Russo follows up “BTTF” with a techno-flavoured slice of future house called “On The Floor”. Fans of Showtek and Claude Von Stroke will enjoy the grittiness of some of the synth work, while the melodic hook might be inspired by 90’s pioneers like Moby.  “On The Floor” teases and flirts with you, is definitely one that will keep club goers dancing while begging for an extended mix.

  • PALMARIA, “Ocean”

New Italian, London-based duo Palmaria try to raise consciousness about our planet and the ecology with “Ocean”.  The song serves as a dual gentle message about finding a tranquil, enjoyable, personal space in the world that you will enjoy.  But really, the latter is dependent on the former, and Palmaria have even partnered with environmental organization OGYRE, who collects back plastic from our waters and repurposes it. The song’s lilting melody and vocalist Giulia’s alluring tones make “Ocean” a tonic for your ears and brain.

UK singer/songwriter @NatalieShay returns with fresh and tight pop single “New Wave”


“New Wave” is the sign of a sweet new romance, as written and sung by London’s Natalie Shay. Natalie’s versatile style continues to grow with this ode of good things to come when you can put past heartaches to bed and hold your breath for the unexpected. I’ve compared Natalie to Taylor Swift and Haim in recent past, but with the direct pop flavour of “New Wave” you can add Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Lily Allen into that mix. In fact “New Wave” has such diverse appeal, that I think a dance remix would work really well too.  Someone like Natalie can’t keep releasing music independently forever without the right calling-card coming along, and “New Wave” is as solid indie pop release as any.

“Bubblegum” is top notch alt.pop from Manchester-born @TommyNewport

TOMMY NEWPORT, “Bubblegum”

With each single that he releases, I’m having fun trying to figure out where Manchester-born, Kansas-based singer/actor Tommy Newport is coming from.  From the alt.rock/hip hop flavoured “Stargazer” and the topical and soulful “Vanilla & Light”, he really is rather unpredictable.  So with “Bubblegum”, his pleasing falsetto returns but in gentle, world-weary slice of alt.pop that basks in the power of sweet love. Add some funky bass rhythms and “Bubblegum” turns out to be an understated anthem of sorts. We don’t have enough love in the world, so if the song presents 60’s summer of love vibes to you too, then all the better. Whatever your take, this kind of “Bubblegum” is the kind you can swallow, and I’m happy to keep listening as Tommy takes us for a different ride every time.