#BILLCSTop30 #603, December 21/20

Many of us are having to make the most of what’s going on in our municipalities.  I can’t be more grateful that we have an overabundance of music to keep us company.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  There’s a lot of activity brewing in the new chart, with two additions joining in all the activity.  I wish everyone a safe, restful and happy holiday and a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it with me.

Closing out the year at the top is “Diamonds” by Sam Smith from their excellent third album Love Goes.  Even the best singers have to admit that Sam’s performance here is pretty unbeatable.  I think the public-at-large associates Sam with sad songs, which they also sing so well, and which make up most of the album.

Soaring from 9-2, in a tie as the Fastest Mover on the chart, is “Give It Back”, a new dancefloor banger that requires your attention!  It’s brought to you by The Disco Fries and Giiants with vocals by Allison Park.  It’s the highest that The Disco Fries and Giiants have reached on the chart, though two thirds of Giiants reached #1 three times as DATABOY in 2011-13.

Cover songs rarely appear on this chart, and I must say one by The Blue Nile is a great choice by producers Matt Mancid and Color Theory.  It’s “Tinseltown In The Rain”, which originally appeared on The Blue Nile’s 1984 album A Walk Across The Rooftops.  The “Big Rhythm” mix climbs 5-3, with vocals by Color Theory (Brian Hazard).

Climbing 7-4 is “Fantasy” by the dynamic collaboration of Saxity, Victor Perry and Robbie Rosen.  It’s Saxity’s second Top 5 entry following #3 “Brothers”, and Victor’s fourth, most recently reaching #2 with “What I Deserve”.

Tying for the Fastest Riser is another danceable favourite, “Nobody” by Sweden’s NOTD with vocals by Catello, rising 14-7.  “Nobody” also reached #1 this week on Mediabase’s national dance airplay chart.

Toronto’s Francesco Yates obtains his third Top 10 on this chart with the steamy “Late Night Love” (13-9) from his EP Bad Decisions.  It’s been amazing to hear his growth as an artist on this enjoyable EP.

“Good At Goodbyes” by Bright Light Bright Light and Erasure’s Andy Bell closes in on the Top 10 as this multi-faceted track from the Fun City album moves up 18-12.

The fun and energetic “Too Hot To Touch” by Toronto’s Crash Adams rises 16-13 and gives you another reason to check out their ‘in office’ video.

L.A. quintet Why Don’t We have a new album coming in January called The Good Times & The Bad Ones, which will include their current rollicking pop hit “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)”, which moves up 21-16.  The band also made available a hologram of sorts of themselves on Snapchat, where you can place them virtually in your room with you.

I’m fond of the messaging in “Fake” by Lauv and Conan Gray as much as I am of its cool music track and its colourful video.  It climbs 25-19.

The highest debut belongs to Japanese-British singer/songwriter Rina Sawayama with her first entry, “Lucid” at #26.  This Lady Gaga influenced track should be her big breakthrough.  It’s the lead track from her recent album called Sawayama.

The second entry is the latest collaboration between NYC producers The Knocks and rock group Foster The People with “All About You” at #28.  It’s The Knocks’ 8th song to appear on this chart (they reached #1 in 2016 with “Kiss The Sky” with Wyclef Jean), and it’s Foster The People’s fourth but first since 2012.

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Toronto’s @CrashAdamsmusic switches it up with kind and gentle rocker “Delicate”

CRASH ADAMS, “Delicate”

While Toronto duo Crash Adams continue to make buzzworthy moves with fun videos and unpredictable cameos by that red couch in the artwork above throughout the city, they are on their game in terms of great songs too.  “Delicate” is the latest of these, and it trades more good timey fare for a kind and gentle rocker.  For yes, men cry, have feelings, and can be hurt easily – there are those who could also be self-described as “Delicate”.  And chalk this one up for Crash Adams for being able to convey a sensitive message in a positive way in these times when machismo and brawn often call the shots.  Don’t get me wrong – “Delicate” still rocks out as a bouncy, upbeat, tightly played track.  That these guys have been able to mesh everything together into one tidy, enjoyable and meaningful package makes “Delicate” a winner.

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Party at the office? Call on @CrashAdamsmusic who bring on the fun with “Too Hot To Touch”

CRASH ADAMS, “Too Hot To Touch”

I’m not sure how I missed out on the release of this single and its totally engaging video this past Spring, but there’s no time like the present to catch up, and you need check out “Too Hot To Touch” by Toronto rock duo Crash Adams. Though the guys have had a red couch surface as the constant in video and public appearances, the couch takes a pandemic break while Crash Adams (expanded to a four piece unit) rocks out in an empty office in the video up top. The well-directed video captures the ribald good-timey spirit of the band, who should be a club draw by the time things reopen if they keep on releasing records like this. “Too Hot To Touch” is also extremely radio friendly – highly recommended for college and alt.rock radio stations.

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“Caroline” continues Toronto duo @CrashAdamsmusic’s rocking slice-of-life songs

CRASH ADAMS, “Caroline”

Following up the brief but infectious single “Ooh!”, Toronto duo Crash Adams have released another rocking slice-of-life in the form of “Caroline”.  I like it when I can hear influences that go back to the 50’s (Buddy Holly, Big Bopper) in the songwriting.  Even though that’s so long ago, it set the foundation for AM radio pop of the 70’s.  “Caroline” wouldn’t have been out of place in any of those decades, or even the turn of the 2000’s alongside alt.rock bands like Fountains Of Wayne (RIP Adam) or American Hi-Fi. It’s got a fresh, timeless, and highly likeable sound that will go over well in concert.  I for one will be very happy with an EP or album full of this engaging power pop, so Crash Adams are definitely on to something.

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“Ooh!” it’s Toronto duo @CrashAdamsmusic with their tongue-in-cheek alt.pop


Singing and songwriting duo and my fellow Torontonians Crash Adams take you back to the 60’s days of 2 minute singles, suits and all, channeled through bands like Weezer, They Might Be Giants, Blink-182 and others.  This results in a tongue-in-cheek, slightly sarcastic portrayal in the video above, where they cruise down a street on a flaming red sofa in suburbia to share the duo’s convincing brand of mirth.  And what more can you ask for as an introduction? They nail the choreography in the video and the song is really slice-of-life and much ado about nothing except to make you smile.  I’ll be ready for the longer dose of Crash Adams for next time!

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