Here’s top-notch, powerful #Dubstep from San Diego’s @Convulsic with “Anesthetic”

CONVULSIC, “Anesthetic” (free DL)

San Diego’s Convulsic, aka Erik Hale, makes some of the most melodic dubstep around, which I discovered a few years ago with the positively contagious “Love Space” and “The Day You Left”.  Continuing in a similar vein, but even tighter with more blistering effects if that’s possible, he brings us his latest, “Anesthetic”, following up his previous EP Darkside.  And it all seems like a frantic life-or-death search for the title item!  It’s very dramatic and powerful, but it weaves through its 3:44 length at a brisk pace, so much that you will ask yourself at the end of the song ‘What just happened here, anyway?’.  Fans of heavier, busy EDM and of course particularly dubstep and trap will love Convulsic’s “Anesthetic”.  Check it out at the link above.  It is a free download 🙂 check under the “More” menu button to download it!

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Create your own adventure with “Talisman” by @Egzodmusic

EGZOD, “Talisman”

A lot of songs in the trap, future bass, and dubstep sub-genres can sound like one big mess sometimes, but exceptions like “Talisman” by US-based Frenchman Egzod always make it worthwhile to keep listening.  “Talisman” is a bold, aggressive instrumental that sounds like it wants to transport you to an Egyptian or other African adventure of some kind.  It’s meant to be played loud, and the melody shifts seamlessly away from big future bassy sounds to others with more high end percussion and keyboards.  There’s a lot going on here so don’t expect it to sink in with one or two listens.  Egzod definitely knows his craft and while making a splash with an instrumental is always no mean feat, continuing to incorporate vocalists or other talents into the mix on other songs will definitely give his songs the right attention.  

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Fast & Furious: NYC’s @ReidSpeed’s “Animal” is a triumph of tough melodic dubstep featuring @Burnheart_music

REID SPEED featuring BURNHEART, “Animal”

If you like your trap mixed with drum ‘n bass and lots of melody, then “Animal” by NYC producer/DJ Reid Speed is for you.  She concocts a mix that does not let up, with beautifully sweet melodic moments in stark contrast to some of the hardest dubstep and trap you’ll hear in a song that has big crossover potential.  It’s aided fittingly by a deep and soulful vocal by L.A.’s Burnheart (aka Scott Bernhardt) that takes “Animal” to yet another level within one song.  I was not familiar with Reid Speed before this song but I can see why she is being touted as one of North America’s most innovative producer/DJ’s regardless of gender.  Check out “Animal” above and be prepared to have your senses twisted and turned and eventually reassembled.

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Take a trip to the “Darkside” of dubstep with @Convulsic

CONVULSIC, “Darkside”

It’s been a while since we last heard from San Diego EDM producer/DJ Convulsic (Erik Hale) after two outstanding songs from this time in 2014 which both landed in the Top 10 of my personal chart, “Love Space” and “The Day You Left”.  But he’s back and shifting his soundscape to keep it current and gritty for dubstep lovers with “Darkside”.  Convulsic’s usual array of impressive sounds and edits will keep your ears attuned along with incorporating some hip hop elements in “Darkside”.  If you like your EDM busy but full of flavour then Convulsic’s “Darkside” might just be what you’re looking for right now.  Give it your attention at the link above.

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Insanely prolific @CosmosnCreature return on #EDM songs by @TwoFriendsmusic and @PLSandTYbased

The duo of Cosmos & Creature, aka Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette, are so insanely prolific with their own recent and upcoming solo releases, being featured on other artists’ songs, and having side project Cosmos & Creature also release its own songs and be featured as well!  How they stay on top of all of this, I don’t quite know.  But everything Molly and Brandyn create has high quality rubber-stamped on it!

TWO FRIENDS featuring COSMOS & CREATURE, “Out Of Love”

Their pairing with L.A.’s Two Friends is on a new original by the in-demand and frequently touring production/remix duo called “Out Of Love” for Spinnin’.  It may be at the same time Two Friends’ most chilled out and anthemic song yet that’s also enhanced by some saxophone riffing.  Brandyn’s self-reflective leads the way on this one while the crowd-pleasing chorus will have you swaying away.

PLS&TY featuring COSMOS & CREATURE, “Good Vibes”

Also chilled out but with a more hip hop flavour running through it is “Good Vibes” by another L.A. producer, PLS&TY (that’s ‘please and thank you’), for the PMRD label.  PLS&TY has had his own share of steady remixes with a few originals under his belt.  In “Good Vibes”, Molly and Brandyn trade off vocals in a song that will set a positive stage for whatever you want to do, whether it’s a lazy Sunday or the start of an evening at a club.  They’re countered with a slick dubsteppy break that totally suits the song to give it some bounce.

Listen to both at the Spotify links above, and watch for Cosmos & Creature’s follow up to their debut single “Young” very soon!  Cosmos & Creature are also touring with Call Me Karizma on dates throughout select U.S. cities in March and April.

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“Meet Me” by @MickeyValenxy featuring @_ibNoe is cranked up by remixer @itsWaitWhat

MICKEY VALEN featuring NOÉ, “Meet Me” (Wait What remix)

After dazzling us with a riveting remix of “Supernatural” by Boombox Cartel & QUIX, Californian Troy Skinner aka Wait What returns, this time reshaping “Meet Me” by New York producer Mickey Valen featuring French singer Noé.  I wrote about this song in the Fall, and in this remix, the sexy coyness is substituted with a variety of different EDM flavours to make it pop on the dancefloor.  Some nifty trap/dubstep breaks surround a slower paced rhythm augmented with some fresh synths and instrumentation to alternately isolate the verses and then crank up the beat.  It’s a pretty creative remix, and taking risks to make the changes standout are what it’s all about.  Check it out at the link above.

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Take a crazy ride with “Yerba” by @FarandFewmusic x #LOA

FAR & FEW x LOA, “Yerba” (free DL)

“Yerba” is one wild and crazy ride courtesy of Austin duo Far & Few as paired up with Warsaw’s LOA.  Trap and dubstep can often get really messy and then it becomes this unappealing blurry amalgam of sounds and voices.  The artists here rely on a frenetic start, and bring it up and down a few times along with some interesting melodic shifts.  Cue creepy vocal and you have a song that’s meant as much for clubs as it is for inclusion in a video game full of monstrous creatures 😛  My only complaint is that it could have lost the linear last minute but club DJ’s will enjoy the rest.  Download “Yerba” for free at the link above.

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Surprise!! The @Stranger_Things theme receives a slick drum & bass remix from @Korbian1 #KyleDixon #MichaelStein

KYLE DIXON & MICHAEL STEIN, “Stranger Things” (Korbian remix) (free DL)

“Stranger Things” fans do not fear!  UK remixer Korbian has clearly taken the joy that he has for what turned out to be a favourite show for a lot of us this past summer, and channeled it into his own take on it for the dance floor.  While staying mainly reverent to the sinewy synth line that pervades the theme music, Korbian does break away into some unexpected drum and bass and dubsteppy rhythms that work quite well.  With the show set in 1983 and incorporating some great 80’s music into its soundtrack, Korbian has – knowingly or not – tapped into a lot of change that happened in music back then, particularly with influences that inspired the new wave genre of the time.  So making the “Stranger Things” theme club-worthy seems as right as when Tiësto transformed the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” theme into “He’s A Pirate” in the early 2000’s.  Download this fun remix at the link above.

Enjoy this trippy trip: @FoxStevensonnow’s “Rocket”


British producer/DJ/remixer Fox Stevenson offers up a trippy dubstep instrumental called “Rocket” after making headway in the biz these last four years or so.  And yes it’s a perfect soundscape for anything up in outer space.  It has a deceptive lead up which bursts just before the minute mark, and then some right crazy melodies and a wash of synths leap out to render you helpless.  So with “Rocket” you’re on one heckuva musical carnival ride that you’ll enjoy visiting over and over.  Be sure to check it out at the link above.

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The reeemix is here for @BrandynBurnette’s “I Wanna Be (Free)” courtesy of @TheBravosNation

BRANDYN BURNETTE, “I Wanna Be (Free)” (The Bravos Remix)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when Brandyn recently announced that his gorgeous “I Wanna Be (Free)” (the current #1 on my chart and one of my very favourite songs of 2015) was being remixed.  It’s kind of just delicately perfect the way it is.  But as I always say, music is open to interpretation and producers/remixers The Bravos certainly focused on the open-air kind of vibe of the song and ran with it in a trippy, dubsteppy direction.  So while the song’s powerful lyrics get sacrificed here, the result is a fun club remix to which (as the remix will tell you) you can indeed shake your booty.  Give it a listen above and don’t say I didn’t warn you if you find your body grooving to it without much mental effort 🙂  Watch for it next week on iTunes and elsewhere!

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