It’s All Italian… Yes It Is: New EP Mi Senti by @RoisinMurphy



One of the most unique projects of the year thus far, for those of you who don’t mind hearing music in another language, is Mi Senti, a six song EP of songs sung in Italian by none other than Róisín Murphy.  Being married to an Italian I’m sure must have been an impetus for tackling songs in that language, but she apparently has been fascinated by it for a long time.  The result is a lovely, moody, mainly chilled out and occasionally danceable release that will certainly please fans of the singer.  Róisín is at her best and immersed in the songs, which, if you speak another language, you know is very hard to do.  The best ones here are the opener “Ancora Ancora Ancora”, the laid back disco of “Ancora Tu”, and the mysterious cabaret-flavoured “Non Credere”.  Open your ears folks and give a listen to the entire EP below.  It’s available on iTunes on May 28.  Give this terrific article a read for more background.


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@Maighreadsings Returns with Powerful Electropop “Sooner”



A year after “In The Beginning”, her collaboration with Disco Damage, became one of the highlights of Volume 1 of the dance/EDM compilation This Beat Is…Poptronik!, London-based, Ireland-born electropop singer Maighréad is back with “Sooner”.  No matter the remix or radio edit version, “Sooner” works because of Maighréad’s striking voice.  The song takes some of the best qualities of Annie Lennox, as well as fellow Irish singers Sinéad O’Connor and Róisín Murphy – power, resonance, grace – and Maighréad owns them all the way through “Sooner”, creating dancefloor bliss in the process.  Hear the Extended and Fik & Hurr remix below, and pick up “Sooner” on iTunes.

Dance Into Spring, Spring Into Dance?: Mika & Ariana Grande, Pet Shop Boys, The Wanted, and Boris Dlugosch & Róisín Murphy

I swear the clubs and dance floors are gonna be hot this summer, given the music that keeps arriving to make our feet aflutter 🙂

MIKA featuring ARIANA GRANDE “Popular Song”

I know that zeroing in on a song from Mika’s The Origin Of Love album since last Fall may have been difficult, especially with the multiple videos which didn’t seem to help promote the album very well.  First, “Make You Happy”, then “Celebrate”, and more recently “Underwater”, whose video was spell-binding, until the end which left a rather poor aftertaste.  Nevertheless seeing Mika for the first time in concert a few weeks ago was a real treat, he is an amazing showman, and it was still so surprising to hear how many fans knew all the lyrics to his songs from Life In Cartoon Motion six years later.  The focal song for me from The Origin Of Love has always been “Popular Song”, with its playful inclusion of the chorus of “Popular” from the play “Wicked”, so much that I’ve already charted the song twice, in its original album version and then with this Ariana Grande version, which has now surfaced as a video.  If there’s a song to reignite interest in the album, it’s “Popular Song”, and this immensely fun and Tim Burton-inspired video (with its bullying theme undercurrent, note!), full of style and delightful ghastly humour.


Now that PSB have finally left Parlophone after their 25 years with them, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe return to the classic PSB sound of 20+ years ago with “Axis” from their upcoming album Electric, released on their own X2 label.  While “Axis” might be an official single, to me this is just PSB whetting our appetite for what are likely to be much, much different songs than on their last (and IMO weakest) album Elysium.  “Axis” is the buoyant, layered stuff that paved the way for current EDM/electronica, and it’s primarily an instrumental, which reminds me of many a PSB B-side.  Look for a second single to bring the Boys back in true style along with the album release.  Then there’s a tour which appears to be taking them everywhere, including my city (Toronto) on September 25.  Absolutely can’t wait.

THE WANTED “Walks Like Rihanna”

Say what you will about The Wanted, I think they’ve got a lot of strong vocal talent which is also blessed with songs from very good songwriters indeed.  “Walks Like Rihanna” may seem obvious but quite truly you will neither be able to escape this song in the coming summer nor will you be able to get it out of your heads.  And that’s what is setting the quintet apart from other current boy bands.  Not out for sale until June 23 unless that’s bumped up.

BORIS DLUGOSCH featuring ROISIN MURPHY “Look Around You”

“Look Around You” neatly joins songs about which I’ve been writing lately that might bring disco music back to its heyday.  Note: You will get sick of me saying this in upcoming blog posts, so be warned 🙂 Taking its cues from turn of the century house music – not surprising since German producer Boris last teamed with the essential Róisín around that time with “Never Enough” – “Look Around You” beckons you to move with a sultry and polished Róisín vocal.   More like this, please!  For sale on May 17.

Tuned-On! Top 300 of the 2000’s, Part 4 (150-101)

As the numbers get smaller, so the songs begin to be increasingly difficult to talk about without going into many superlatives, so I will probably save those for the Top 50 or so.   When I look at this group of 50 songs, I see mainly songs that energize me or affect me emotionally.  So for every rave up that is Madonna’s “Sorry” or George Acosta’s remix of “Just Another Day” or Nadia Ali’s “Love Story” or Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” or Alex Gaudino & Crystal Waters’ “Destination Calabria”, there is JC Chasez’s totally underrated and hurtin’ “Until Yesterday”, Stabilo’s almost-sinister “Flawed Design”, Darren Hayes’ very dark “I Like The Way”, Mary J. Blige & The Game’s heartfelt mashup “MJB Da MVP”, the emotions-run-wild in Mika’s “We Are Golden”, Florence & The Machine’s gothic “Rabbit Heart”, and the teen love’s growing pains in David Archuleta’s “Crush”.  Don’t discount the fabulous one-off’s that are “Jerk It Out” by The Caesars or “Summer Jam” by The Underdog Project either!

This will be my last update of this list until after December 29.  I’ll be away after Christmas for a few days but may blog about this and that if I have time.  Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

You can find the updated list right here – don’t forget to leave your comments!

Mix Pod Playlist

I discovered My Space has a new playlist compiler called Mix Pod, so I thought I’d give it a shot today.  The playlist has 20 songs that are current (mainly on my chart, and the usual suspects) or recent within the last few years.  Click on “Get Tracks” below, which will take you to the playlist page where you can hear the songs!  The tags below this post will tell you who’s on the playlist 🙂

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