Loaded with hooks: “Tell Me” by UK producer @iamBobbyHarvey and singer @DannyDeardenuk


“Tell Me” in its original version may only be 2:30, but it’s completely loaded with hooks, courtesy of UK producer Bobby Harvey and singer Danny Dearden.  Bobby makes the 90’s-tinged deep house bass flavours friendly enough for radio – which remind me of Gusto’s “Disco’s Revenge” – and they are stretched out in the Extended Mix in the EP.  Danny is on a bit of a streak after the rollicking recent “Can’t Stop Me Now” (which I wrote about in the Spring) and especially his work with Michael Calfan on “It’s Wrong” and the more recent “Could Be You”, which I even heard in a local department store!  His urgent vocal distinguishes itself from the bassy grooves and “Tell Me” melds together beautifully.

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Austin’s versatile @Mobleywho isn’t going to be Mobley Who? for long with songs like “Tell Me”

MOBLEY, “Tell Me”

Austin singer/songwriter/one man band Mobley is not someone who you can place into any stylistic musical box.  He is driven and committed, directing his own videos and even designing his own artwork. From song-to-song you recognize the multiple dimensions of talent, from gritty and bluesy rock to alternative edginess to sweet and soulful.  From his forthcoming album Fresh Lies Vol. 1 (due Friday April 27) is “Tell Me”.  His voice is like Miguel’s, but not as rich or rooted in classic soul, but could also easily compete with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons or Vance Joy for both power and rock ‘n roll inspiration.  There’s a sweet edge that could be as soft as Smokey Robinson if he wishes too.  “Tell Me” is a well-structured song with a great melodic hook that would sound just fine on the radio.  Mobley is currently in the middle of a three month tour that will take him to most major cities in the U.S. so watch for him to check out his live performance if you can.  “Tell Me”, I believe, is only one way to whet your appetite for more of what Mobley has to offer.

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Old school becomes new school with “Tell Me” by @Nikomakesbeats and @Real_Halogen


If you’re hankering for a blast of early 90’s pop/house by the likes of Martha Wash or C+C Music Factory, then “Tell Me” by L.A.-based Niko The Kid – you’ll remember his collaboration with DATABOY, “When It Rains, It Pours” – and Atlanta duo Halogen is just for you!  The guys have lots of inspiring tricks up their sleeves to keep you entertained in its huge, spiffy mix, but you still won’t stop thinking of how well it would fit into a 90’s mix.  “Tell Me” is a real crowd-pleaser and I expect DJ’s looking to inflect 90’s house into their current mix will just love it.  Give it a listen above and be drawn into that groove 🙂

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R&B/Hip Hop Singer @iamEdifon returns with “Tell Me” (featuring Riff Raph)

EDIFON featuring RIFF RAPH, “Tell Me”

I wrote about the New Jersey-based singer Edifon last year when he introduced me to his single “Let Go” and its infectious hook with low key charm.  With his new single “Tell Me” he has amped up the charm with a positive message and a laid back vibe, complemented by Riff Raph’s rap break.  “Tell Me” should really be subtitled “What Makes You Beautiful” if not for confusion with the One Direction song.  Anyone who knows about self-appreciation and self-worth will enjoy Edifon’s message and can share it with others who don’t feel that way.  The singer has also upped the ante with pop-crossover flavour that attracts listeners to singers like Jason Derulo, so you can easily picture hearing it on the radio.  Check out a snipped of “Tell Me” above, but I think you’re gonna like it enough to pick up the full song on iTunes.

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