Australia’s Beamish Brothers return with more catchy, slick dance pop with a message in “Privilege”


Jeremy and Ben Beamish are definitely on fire with three releases in a row that command your attention.  “Privilege” is the latest, following up “Dollar In The Heart” and “Anxious”, which both reflect personal and global themes such as greed, money, corporate domination, mental health, and more.  “Privilege” is the light-hearted one of the bunch, but continues to offer soulful vocals and funky rhythms to support the fine lyrical content.  As shown in the video above, “Privilege” comments on those well-off, privileged individuals who are just wrapped up in their own lives in a self-made vacuum – the world revolves around them.  Each of the lads continue to sound better and better with vocal registers totally on point, and another well-made, direct and interesting video too.