California pop singer @KaceyFifield returns with poignant “Ghost” with South Korea’s Little Rain, and synth-washed @AlessVanco remix of “Confused”


KACEY FIFIELD, “Confused” (Aless Vanco remix)

Through her ongoing work with singer/songwriter/producer Robbie Rosen, California’s Kacey Fifield is finding a nice niche with genuine-sounding alternative electronic pop that will appeal wholeheartedly to teens and young adults.  Her most recent release, “Ghost” finds her teamed up with South Korean producer Little Rain, who has demonstrated his flair for beautiful synth melodies, such as in “Moonlight” (with vocalist/songwriter Devyn Rush). It’s a delightful pairing as Little Rain taps into the emotion of “Ghost” that allows the song to shine without being maudlin. Kacey’s down-to-earth vocal is appealing and will touch those young folks who can relate to the feelings expressed in this post-relationship story.  

I previously wrote about Kacey’s Spring solo release “Confused”, which gets an engaging lift from Belgian producer Aless Vanco and makes the familiar sentiments of Kacey’s song sparkle with the addition of synth flourishes in all the right places.  It’s easy to bury a vocal under effects but Aless Vanco capably balances the vocal, melodies and rhythm, and his remix helps to accentuate all of the fine features about the singer and her song.

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