#BILLCSNewMusicReport – February 15/23 spotlighting songs by @LewisTmusic & @Clementinetunes @GreysonChance @StHumain Victor Perry @wallflowerperry

This week, I get to inform you about a new online radio feature that has actually been live since November. Similar to my weekly New Music Pick of the Week – which can now be heard 27 times during a week between its debut on Tuesday and the following Wednesday – my weekly Retro Pick of the Week can now be heard as part of “Big Daddy” Russ Horton’s amazing, timeless and fun Top 40 Timeline show! The Top 40 Timeline airs 4 times every Saturday on different online stations – at Noon EST on UK National Radio, at 4pm EST on Halton Hills Radio Online, at 6pm EST on FM 108, and at Midnight EST on Radio GTA. In addition to my other show, Your Weekend New Music Mix, I am literally all over online radio now on Saturdays. Do try and give the segment a listen! In the coming weeks I’ll be setting up a Mixcloud account to house my most recent regular and retro picks of the week.


In addition to the posts about individual songs, you can read about my pick of the week, along with picks from online radio buddies “Big Daddy” Russ Horton and Hunter Wilbur.  “The Musicman” James Rogers offers a variety of late 70’s early 80’s favourites this week with his Classic Five pop hits feature. My BILLCS Top 30 5-10-15-20… feature is back, looking at the songs that were in my chart’s Top 5 five, ten, fifteen and twenty years ago this week!

The BILLCS New Music Report is a work-in-progress and I welcome your suggestions so feel free to contact me @billcs on Twitter @thebillcs on Instagram or @BILLCSMusicProjects on Facebook.



You can get your early 90’s house fix with “Enchanté” by up and coming UK producer Lewis Thompson and singing/songwriting sensation Clementine Douglas. You can expect “Enchanté” to be all over dance radio and clubs by Spring for the rest of the year, thanks to its reverent classic house rhythm that will transport you back to the days of Inner City, Robert Owens, Ten City and many others who left their imprints on dance music. Continuing her slew of hits after releases with DVBBS, Matoma, Sonny Fodera, and Dom Dolla, Clementine delivers another potent vocal, making “Enchanté” an addictive feast for the ears and feet.

GREYSON CHANCE, “The Balcony Song”

Greyson’s latest album  Palladium is rich and deep with fine songs, which I was fortunate to see executed in concert two months ago. I believe a deluxe version of the album is forthcoming, so until we can find out what’s new on that release, “The Balcony Song” is now being promoted, thanks to a super one-take video above, and you’ll be able to see an authentic performance like what I raved about after the concert I saw. Greyson is all about taking risks on Palladium and the beginning, with an unexpected low, gravelly vocal, hardly sounds like him at all. The song builds with an intriguing story, which makes it well worth hearing.

ST. HUMAIN, “Dial Tones”

The latest bunch of releases by Australia-based Singapore-bred singer/songwriter St. Humain have come to fruition to comprise his new EP Metadramatic, which also features a few new songs. Right up there with my favourites that I’ve written about, “Memento” and “Sick Sad Love Song”, is a new wistful ballad “Dial Tones”. Thanks to some beautiful wordsmithing and a delightful hook, “Dial Tones” tugs at your heartstrings while relating to those common times in most people’s lives when a relationship is at its end and there’s nothing special left. Be sure to make Metadramatic one of your new go-to’s to check out. St. Humain has a gift for creating lyrical and gripping songs full of many moods and rhythms that go down easy.


“Rest” is Victor’s first release of the year, and his first new solo music since last year’s enthralling “Punching Bag”, which got to #5 on the BILLCS Top 30 among Victor’s many singles which have reached the Top 10. The song zeroes in on some of Victor’s always listenable softer tones while telling the straight forward story about taking a break in an intense relationship. The flavour in “Rest” is R&B/pop à la Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton, and there’s a lot of pristine detail within thanks to solid production. 



British pop singer Andreas Liberos returns with his first new music in three years called “Bonfire”. Like preceding single “Lighthouse”, it’s a song that reaches out to listeners with a positive and supportive message. With his soulful tones and a rhythmic, good-natured vibe, Andreas calls on those who are having a bad day or facing personal difficulties to let him be their non-judgmental sounding board, role modelling (in the video above) what others should do as well. “Bonfire” takes a few listens before it grabs you, but being genuine and caring in these often strange times goes a long way in a song.

ODESZA, THE KNOCKS, “Love Letter” (obli remix)

“Love Letter” is one of the best and most recognizable songs from Odesza’s stellar album The Last Goodbye, totally commanding your attention in concert. So I’m pleased that a gripping remix of the song appears in Odesza’s recent remix EP of songs from the album by one of Odesza’s rising protégés, obli. Co-written and produced with the multi-talented and always enjoyable duo The Knocks, “Love Letter” is given a fresh interpretation by obli. Replacing its moody breaks is a more continuous flow with some added bounce, which will give club DJ’s plenty to work with. 


British singer, songwriter and producer Elderbrook (otherwise known as Alexander Kotz) first tapped into the public consciousness with the Grammy-nominated, droll and infectious “Cola” with producer Camelphat a few years back. After a next-level series of opening sets for Odesza on their tour last year, which I saw, he’s now selling out mid-sized venues of his own, thanks to a series of fine recent songs such as “When I Talk” (with Kx5 aka Deadmau5 and Kaskade) and “Inner Light” with Bob Moses. “I’ll Be Around” was crafted with L.A. based producer Amtrac and is a real grower, with a laid back vibe featuring a punchy rhythm and some positive words that highlight determination. Solid songs like “I’ll Be Around” show why the rise and rise of Elderbrook continues.

Elderbrook plays HISTORY in Toronto on both March 16 (tickets available) and 17 (only resale tickets available).

SEAN SMITH, “Young Love”

Although we haven’t heard too much from British singer Sean Smith (formerly of X-Factor stars Same Difference) since the release of his albums, 2021’s Swing For The 90’s and 2020’s Solo, he returns with another glimmering, crisp pop/dance anthem called “Young Love”. Co-written with producer Justin Busch  and also produced by Lenny B, “Young Love” follows the springboard of last year’s “In Love With The Night” (also helmed and written by Justin) with a song full of spirit and drive. The production could really do without so many effects on Sean’s fine voice at times; without them his vocal is golden. Coming at the end of March are remixes, including one by Matt Pop which gives “Young Love” an even bigger, 80’s inspired boost.


My New Music Pick of the Week  is a 5-7 minute radio segment that airs more than 20 times/week on online radio stations around the world.

Electronic producers Dabin and Kai Wachi with vocalist Lø Spirit with “Hollow”


“Big Daddy” Russ Horton is the owner of online stations Radio GTA, Halton Hills Radio Online, & FM108.ca.

British electronic pop artist Silverland with “There Tonight”


Hunter J. Wilbur is the host of the online radio shows “Modern Hype” and “Addictive Energy” which can be heard on several online stations including Classic Hits Canada.

One of Hunter’s favourite artists, Owl City, has another new one, “Adam, Check Please”


“The Musicman” James Rogers is the owner and host of The 3D Variety Show heard Tuesdays on Planet Radio Canada. The Classic Five is “pop music 101” of the post-Beatles era – classics you need to know! Each title is linked to a Spotify stream of the song.

Split Enz – I Got You
Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame
Commodores – Sail On
Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
Ashford & Simpson – Solid


“Hero” by Martin Garrix & JVKE


“Lose You” by Afrojack and James Arthur (22-15)