Meet new electronic dance producer @weareNightro with “Don’t Like It” teaming with @PhilPhauler and @AleksandarVida


“Don’t Like It” is a short but notable new dance release by NYC-based Indian producer Nightro in collaboration with fellow producers Phil Phauler and Alexandar Vida.  It’s got moody, dirty rhythms and dark, edgy vocal effects which surround a well-sung vocal by an uncredited female singer. “Don’t Like It” doesn’t waste time in packing musical punches early on in the song, and it could lift up just about any set during a club evening.  Nightro is receiving particularly strong reaction to “Don’t Like It” in India, so it’s now time for the rest of the world to show up and embrace this one.

India’s @Ashwynmusic is back with progressive rock-flavoured electronica called “Déjà Vu”

ASHWYN, “Déjà Vu”

Back in early May, I wrote about Indian producer Ashwyn‘s rock flavoured electronic track “Sell My Soul”, which features awesome guitar work and an intriguing story sung with a committed vocal.  Continuing to find gaps to tell his own musical story, Ashwyn has followed up “Sell My Soul” with the decidedly different “Déjà Vu”.  This one is likely to appeal to rock music fans even more than “Sell My Soul”, while still capturing progressive electronic music fans’ attention with its rich production which would sound fantastic in a stadium setting.  With a big nod to Pink Floyd, the song starts with two minutes of instrumentation before Ashwyn’s vocal kicks in to tell the story about looking outside of the box while routine and history repeat themselves. Amid the beautiful instrumentation are the sounds of a live string quartet orchestrated by Spanish composer Pedro Osuna. “Déjà Vu” is all about mystery, quality and experience, and the real instruments give the song warmth and depth. It’s hardly what you might have expected after “Sell My Soul” and might be a transitional release as a result, but there’s no denying that Ashwyn’s music can stand apart from the rest and hold its own.

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Get to know the music of India’s @Ashwynmusic with “Sell My Soul”

ASHWYN, “Sell My Soul”

At only 20 years old, Bangalore, India producer and musician Ashwyn Sriram already kickstarted his platform in pop music as a teenager as electronic dance producer Astra.  Even with the support of Hardwell and a release on the producers Revealed Recordings, it was not enough for Ashwyn to get to the heart of what he really wanted to record.  Already an accomplished electronic guitarist, Ashwyn has been releasing songs since 2019 rather quietly under his new guise, with growing additional support from Nicky Romero and Axwell as well as Rolling Stone magazine.  “Sell My Soul” is a classic story about what you trade off and get back in return, and whether or not it’s worth it.  The gentle vocal gives way to some terrific guitar work which makes “Sell My Soul” all the more memorable.  As a producer, Ashwyn knows how to make a song flow, filling the gaps with interesting instrumentation and sounds.  Currently studying at the Berklee College of Music, Ashwyn has plenty of new music coming, so stay tuned for more.

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India’s DJ Shaan @Shaanmusic brings his anthemic dance style to pop friendly “By Heart” with vocal by @LondinThompson


Currently, DJ Shaan is the #1 India-born DJ/producer in the world.  He’s amassed a worldwide following, through performing at festivals including Tomorrowland (the first Indian DJ to do so) and being supported by the biggest and best producers including Steve Aoki, Afrojack and David Guetta.  At only 25, Shaan Singh is noted for his big anthemic dance style.  After releases through Armada and Virgin, DJ Shaan has now signed with Casablanca/Republic for “By Heart” featuring a splendid, affecting vocal by Londin Thompson.  The big synths are more restrained here in favour of a pop radio-friendly dance melody.  But this is no compromise, it only shows DJ Shaan’s style is much more versatile than what we previously heard on songs like “Bring It To Me” or “End Of The World”.  I expect “By Heart” and subsequent releases will continue to open more doors for DJ Shaan.

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Get to know Indian dance producer @thisisMune with “Better With You” featuring British indie group @theTorsband

MÜNE and TORS, “Better With You”

“Better With You” is a new pop/dance single with fresh appeal thanks to the successful collaboration of new Indian electronic producer MÜNE and British indie group Tors. This year, MÜNE (aka Pranay Sharma) became the first artist from India (more specifically, the city of Indore in west-central Madya Pradesh) to sign with Ultra Records.  “Better With You” may be atypical for that label’s releases, but it does play upon melding the folk vocal of Tors with gentle acoustic guitar and mellow synths.  It’s a quieter dance release for sure, but one that would work the same way live as those sweeping electronic ballads at a show by the likes of Illenium.  MÜNE definitely leaves an auspicious mark here for what he is trying to accomplish in an already crowded electronic dance market.  The feel good vibes of “Better With You” are a great start. 

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“Waitin'” by Finland’s @Samlightmusic and India’s @Trauvmusic with vocalist Morell Brown @officialMBrown puts some big bounce into your summer


With the world sometimes feeling so close together, it’s always amazing to see cross-continent collaborations come to successful fruition, and such is the case with “Waitin'” by Samlight and Trauv with vocals from NYC’s Morell Brown.  Finland’s Samlight has seen electronic dance releases flourish through most of the major dance music labels.  Here he’s partnered with Trauv, a rising producer from India whose music has already been supported by the likes of Thomas Gold and Hardwell.  Although there have been a number of successful dance producers from India such as Shaan, I must admit it’s rare to see this kind of collaboration.  Bring in singer/songwriter Morell , who totally nails the vocal, and you have “Waitin'”, a true bop that aims to put some big bounce into your summer.  In between its story, “Waitin'” emphasizes sparkling arpeggios which teleport you back to melodic house of 2012.  We need more feel-good music in 2020 and “Waitin'” certainly has the recipe for just that.

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Infinite love awaits at the “End of the World” by @Shaanmusic featuring #AllanEshuijs

SHAAN featuring ALLAN ESHUIJS, “End Of The World”

We can party like it’s 2012 again with glorious arpeggios spearheading an uplifting message in “End Of The World” by Mumbai’s noted producer/DJ Shaan, featuring a powerful vocal by Dutch singer Allan Eshuijs.  Now only 22, Shaan returns after becoming India’s only producer/DJ to play the Tomorrowland festival a couple of years back,  and has been playing numerous other festivals in south Asia throughout December.  “End Of The World” couldn’t be any more triumphant.  It’s the perfect foil for Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends” and should be played immediately after when the New Year tolls in a few days.   “End Of The World” is brought to you once again by Armada, and is already receiving support by The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, and Tritonal but to name a few.  I know so many people miss the dance sounds of the first part of this decade, so let’s start a revival, right?  Don’t miss “End of the World” for your club sets and Spotify playlists at the link above.

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